Please do me one favour to help save lives…

After a sudden death of a close family friend, I became aware of the dangers of lacking knowledge in basic first aid methods. Literally knowing a few basic steps on what to do when someone is in a near death situation can help save a life, and put aside a family’s grief.

– Heart and circulatory diseases are responsible for over 161,000 deaths per year which is a quarter of all deaths in the UK!

-CPR is not a complex procedure, yet many people unfortunately do not know what it is/how to perform it and it can save a life

-Every year, around 30,000 people have cardiac arrests outside of the hospital environment

These are shocking, but unfortunately very realistic statistics, and you can help prevent a life being lost needlessly.

Please do me a simple favour, which I guarantee you is worth it –

St. John’s Ambulance give away absoloutely FREE ‘Essential First Guides’ with information on what to do to help a person in any five common situations including:

When Someone Has Stopped Breathing

When Someone Is Having A Heart Attack

When Someone Is Choking

When Someone Is Bleeding Severely

When Someone is Unconscious

Order a FREE copy here delivered to your house (UK):

Please learn these techniques, let others know, and DON’T let a life be lost needlessly. For that could be someone’s friend, parent, loved one.

Thank you 🙂

Bushra x


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