Tie Dying was something recommended by a very good friend of mine, and I’m glad I was told about it. Although I made one t-shirt today as a my first go, I see it as a  new hobby of mine! It isn’t very hard to make a tie dye tshirt at all, yet they look amazing! My first attempt –

You can use dying not only to funk up a plain white tshirt, but also to bring life back to any clothes you may have where the colour is fading 🙂

The dyes I used were the ‘Dylon Fabric Dye’ in Tulip Red and Ocean Blue 🙂 I also used the Dylon Salt to seal the rich colour of the dyes. As you see in the picture, they naturally mixed during the process to give purple tones, as well as the red and blue 🙂


You will need: Salt (Regular salt is fine, however I used the Dylon Salt; you only need ONE tablespoon!)

Your choice of dyes (At least two is needed for this design)


1) First, weigh the t-shirt. Mine weighed 100g so I will use that as the example:)

2) There are many different ways to secure the tshirt to make the design you want. One example is the common spiral, which I did. You pinch from the centre of the tshirt, and wrap the outer material around where you pinched, creating a spiral. Secure with elastic bands.

3) You will need about 100g of dye. Divide this by the number of coloured dye you will use. eg. if you are using three colours you will use about 33 grams of each colour. 

4) In seperate pots/squeezy bottles put 33g of dye, some warm water (the more water, the lighter the colour), and a tablespoon of salt. Mix thoroughly.

5) NOW THE FUN BIT:) – With your first colour squirt the dye in random sections of the tshirt. Do this with all of your colours.

6) Leave it alone to dry. The longer you leave it, the brighter the colour.

7) Remove the elastic bands and rinse thoroughly with cold water.

8) Put separately in the washing machine, as some of the dye may wash off.

9) Wear your awesome new addition to your wardrobe!

DO: Wash separately for a few washes to remove any excess dye 

Put newspaper underneath and put the dyes on in a container – you don’t want it to run like mine did! Ooops!

Wear gloves – you don’t want stained fingers!


DON’T: Do it somewhere where it may stain – a garden is a good option.


-Bushra 🙂 

I hope to make a video tutorial on my Youtube channel soon! 


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