Yesterday, hosted by the ‘UK Firewalk’, and to raise money for an orphanage in Nepal, I had the opportunity to walk on ashes burning at 600 degrees and broken bottle glass! Seems crazy, huh?

Glasswalking and firewalking is GREAT in terms of boosting your self – esteem and confidence, and is for someone who likes a challenge (not for the faint – hearted!). We basically walked on two different walks, each with intervals. One with shattered glass (and no it’s not sugar glass, or fake glass, or with some crazy trick behind it – IT WAS GENUINE GLASS. The other one was a walk which contained burning ashes at 600 degrees, alongside burning flames fuming on logs.

We were given a thirty minute talk by record holder for the longest firewalk – Scott Bell, who gave us the secret and tips to ensure our safety! I managed to walk the fire three times (though got a painful burn which was my mistake – OOPS).

Would I do it again? D-e-f-i-n-i-t-e-l-y!


Bushra xx


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