Like A Poisoned Child – Poem :)

This is a poem I wrote a while ago which was published in an anthology for Young Writers, which I thought I’d share as I love writing! It has a sort of ambiguous meaning but if you have any questions, let me know 🙂


Like a poisoned child, danger is your consumption,

Caught up in a maelstrom, you try to run,

Injected with a worrying touch of protestors – no fun.

A cohesive atmosphere which is beckoned and breaks,

And a spectrum of bold and bright illuminates,

Touches the marshmallow sky and gradually escapes,

An atmosphere of hope and euphoria flee the night sky,

Converts to crime, major lies and serious goodbyes,

As rainbows make their exit and suns depart,

All which is left is a world with a broken heart,

Too much of one thing and not enough peace,

Leaves many poor minds with bleeding and undeserved grief,

You shatter life, you tear worlds, you scorch the suns, and make the moons quench thirst,

So much despair fills the air,

Like justice was never born,

As the world takes a turn for the worse,

Like a midnight curse,

I hear the breaking of the world,

Glass shattered and a torn up living space,

Like a whirlpool of distortions,

Injustice flickers our lives into a gruelling amphitheatre of excursion,

The odyssey is grim; we must find our inner self,

A thick layer of bounty must conceal the bed of injustice,

To conjure up new lives for the better,

Because you didn’t care for a better world.



Bushra xxx


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