How I feel sometimes…

Everyone has dreams that they aspire to achieve. But sometimes I get those days when I wake up with no motivation. It feels like I have no time to dedicate to making my dreams a reality. Sometimes it feels like I have no support around me. Which makes me realise that I shoulden’t be afraid to stand alone! If you have a goal, go for it! There will always be people to hate on you and create some stupid excuse as to why you shoulden’t do what you do best. For example, with my YouTube channel I got people who LOVED it and some people who found it slightly weird. Through focusing on those who gave me positive feedback, I continue to follow what I love! Okay, I won’t ramble on anymore, I just thought I’d show you what I ended up writing (with slight editing) when I had one of those days where it felt as if I woulden’t make it….


That Girl

A girl. A basic girl.

Whom aspires to reach platforms not yet known to man,

A vision of such that even her warmest embrace deny of it being attainable,

A deep passion in which a beginning is required,

And that debut moment begins with a sharp ‘yes’,

An approval.

Something considered outlaw in her flowing mind,

The single thought of it being outcast from her own growing pains,

The cold, numb ache in which she dwells in,

And is forever flooded in alongside the continuing condemnation,

The denial of her destiny,

The one she supposedly controls,

But is she set to be a basic childlike silhouette, embedded alongside forgotten souls?

Or is the purpose of her existence to become the voice of those forgotten souls?

Only she decides.


Just observing how quickly time passes makes me realise that life is temporary, so make the most of it and enjoy! Tick something off your bucket list right now 😛


Bushra xxx


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