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So….Something which has recently bought almost tears to my eyes (alongside the deaths in Gaza, which I will do a post on soon!) is the amount of child labour in the world, increasing in South Asia, and Africa,  in factories which make goods for brands like Nike and Primark stores. Due to this, I have long ago boycotted Nike (although I prefer not to purchase their ridiculousely priced trainers with simply a label on it) and have recently avoided Primark. I am opting to now go for more ‘moderate’ priced stores. Not so expensive or popular that the truth of their production is merely passed over, but not so cheap like Primark,for example that the costs to produce the goods will not provide a safe, healthy working environment for the workers, whether they’re children or adults.child_labour

No – one should have to bare such harsh conditions to simply make a living to…

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