So school’s out, and summer’s officially in! I decided to head to London to my adoring cousin’s house for the week. Normally, I only go for a day or two, so to stay for a week to explore Central London and the area in their new home in East London was definitely something I looked forward to! It’s almost time to head back to my home town of Leicester, but simply experiencing London for a week or so has really bought out my love for the city! London, especially Central London with famous tourist attractions and landmarks such as Buckingham Palace, The London Eye, and the Houses of Parliament to mention a few has amazing features. The culture and vibe is great here, and it’s so busy it keeps you on your toes! There’s always something to do!

Some of the things I did were:

Visit Westminster (of course!) in Central London to view the Houses Of Parliament, London Eye, Clock Tower & more!There were many tourists and to be honest the diversity of people from all across the world is simply astonishing! The beauty of a city can certainly unite people and just goes to show that you don’t need dazzling diamonds to bring a nation closer!

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Go shopping! Oxford Street, full of hundreds of shops which attracts thousands of tourists was on my list! It was certainly one of the busiest roads I’d ever seen, even out of peak hours! There were heaps and heaps of stores full of souvenirs, and despite living in the UK, I had to get some! It goes to show that you don’t have to necessarily be out of the country to appreciate your own! :p


Despite the busy life and roads, I would love to move to London! It seems much more alive and adventurous, and full of opportunity! I definitely need to spend more of my holidays here! You don’t need to go abroad to have fun! 🙂

Bushra xxx


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