Visit to France: DisneyLand Paris, Sacre Coeur, Eiffel Tower!

Yesterday night I got back from an amazing time in Paris, France. Every second was incredible – it’s such a beautiful city! These are some of my highlights 🙂

Hier soir, je suis arrive de Paris en France. Toute secondes etait incroyable – c’est belle ville! Ces mon meillieur moments:


The Sacre Coeur is such a beautiful cathederal – the views from the 130m height were breathtaking. There was even a couple taking wedding photos, and their choice of location was perfect! You can’t take pictures inside, but it’s so decorative and spacious, and certainly a worthy tourist attraction – it’s a must visit!



Definitely a highlight – it was such a magical place! We spent a day here, where I went on the rides (Space Mountain is AMAZING) and experienced every kid’s dream haha! ❤ I felt like such a kid, and it was so nice seeing young children dressed in their favourite Disney costumes (Elsa from Frozen was a popular choice!) and having such a mystical experience! Young or old, you’re never too old for DisneyLand 😉



This was exciting, as I’d never been on the Eiffel Tower before! We went to the second floor, and, like Sacre Coeur, the views were BREATHTAKING! It was such a peaceful moment; I felt as if I could just watch over the beautiful city of Paris for eternity! I can only imagine what the views must be like at the very top – I must go one day in the future and see!



One of the first things we did was go on the River Seine for a boat ride which was so relaxing and interesting as the guide on board told us about all the monuments and views we were passing. I remember just passing museums and the Eiffel Tower, as well as the bridges and all the buildings and simply thinking ‘PARIS IS BEAUTIFUL’ 🙂


That was just a bite of the experience, I would love to go back and visit another day for much longer! Definitely recommend the city; one of the best in Europe in my opinion ❤

Au revoir!

Bushra xx

PS: You can check out the haul of what I bought while I was there on my YouTube channel: 🙂


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