If you don’t know, I literally post anything and everything which I want to express. I’m not any form of beauty guru whatsoever but I thought I’d give a review on the Montagne Jeunesse face masks which I’ve been using for quite a while, and am actually using now after a while!

These face masks come in sachets at £1 each which is a bargain as you’ll learn soon. They last one or two uses, depending on how much you use.


How to use: You simply apply the face mask with your fingers over your entire face, leave for 15 minutes and voila – a cleansed, refreshed face!

What I think: You definitely have to try a couple to find your favourite as there is a huge range which you can check out on their website (linked below). I buy mine from Boots and Superdrug, but they are also sold on their website, and their are way more products by them, though I only use the face masks. I have to admit, some have felt like they are stinging my face, though I woulden’t say it affected my face in any way. However, it is quite an uncomfortable feeling considering you need to keep it on for a good 15-20 minutes for a proper cleansed face. Some of them don’t have too great scents either. My favourite one was definitely the Chocolate Masque, as it is self heating on the face which I found so cool! Considering I have quite sensitive skin, it is absolutely great, and one I continue to repurchase over and over again! The smell is perfect too!

They also sell peel off masks, as well as fabric ones, though personally I prefer the mud ones, which come as a paste in the sachet as although they are more messy, they seem to leave the best results and are more comfortable.



Bushra xx



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