Racial profiling. Choosing whether to ‘enforce the law’ based on a person’s race.

It’s crazy and must stop.beyond-diversity-training

There are law – breakers of every race. Terror has been caused by people of every race.

Race is UNCHANGABLE. It’s crazy to think that there are people who want to bleach their skin, or alter their skin colour. As cliche as this seems, diversity is beautiful ❤

This video by TrueStoryASA on YouTUBE demonstrates racial profiling –

First, the officer allows Adam to physically harass Sheikh and push him around. They are wearing Western clothes, and the officer seems to view them as ‘the norm’ and doesn’t bother them in any way (though I’d question why this nutcase isn’t doing his job to protect citizens). 20 minutes later, the same people walk past the officer, speaking in different accents and wearing more prominent cultural clothing BUT CAUSING NO HARM, unlike the first scene where they are clearly fighting but THE OFFICER DOESN’T INTERVENE. This time, the officer seems more horrified at his clothing, rather than the previous scene with criminal behaviour, and forcibly pushes him to the wall, kicking his legs and making absurd remarks such as ‘What’s in your pockets? Is that a gun? Is it a knife? Why are you wearing this?’. THIS IS AN EXAMPLE OF RACIAL PROFILING and a member of public expresses his disgust at the officer’s behaviour.

Though to me this showed more than racial profiling. The officer clearly was not doing his job properly and this was an example of an officer abusing his power through police brutality. Police officers should be protecting the citizens, not harassing them.

Don’t get me wrong – not ALL cops in America are like this whatsoever. I’ve seen amazing cops with great sense of humour who actually commit to their role as law enforcement. But the fact that this single officer went to such brutality and ignorance is worrying. America is supposed to be the land of freedom. I don’t live in or have never been to America, but it seems like such a beautiful country, and should stay that way, though I dare question the deterioration it’s facing in some aspects…

People are MORE THAN WHAT THEY WEAR. MORE THAN WHAT THEY LOOK LIKE. Even in my diverse city of Leicester, England, I can get stared at and sometimes, but not often given verbal remarks as I wear a hijab (Islamic headdress) In the long term, lack of diversity or integration with other races can have unfortunate effects – Recently in the news the NHS in the UK has used up billions simply due to the lack of interaction between races, religions, and cultures. It has led to long term unemployment with ethnic minorities feeling as if a certain job is not for them due to their race or even clothing, as well as loneliness leading to mental health illnesses such as depression or anxiety.

Sadly, many ethnic minorities face prejudice and discrimination throughout their life, with some facing constant harassment, or even prolonged segregation within communities. IT’S NOT HEALTHY, nor MORALLY ACCEPTABLE.

This one example of racial profiling was caught on camera, but sadly, many people are used to this type of behaviour from others and see it as normal life, and you have to think why? Why should it be that way? Why should racism or racial profiling be tolerated? A white guy could be allowed to pass and have a gun in his back pocket, but a black guy stopped who is a law abiding citizen. WHY THE DOUBLE STANDARD?

Unfortunately, some people don’t change and will continue to have racial thoughts, though it doesn’t give them the right to openly BASH A PERSON’S RACE! YOU CANNOT, I REPEAT CANNOT CHANGE THE COLOUR OF YOUR SKIN! And as for stereotyping…. race categorizes you by the colour of your skin, but did you ever forget that PEOPLE ARE INDIVIDUALS? If a black/white/asian just so happens to raid a shop does not mean every person of that race, as if they are one huge family, genetically combined to have the same thought process will do the same. Diversity is not just race. It’s so much more. As individuals, with all our different qualities and characteristics, we are truly amazing. No matter your cast or creed, you’re worth it. Life needs you.

Sometimes, stereotyping a person can make them believe they are indeed what you say they are, making them conform to this stereotype. It’s not right. Thankfully, the majority of people are very accepting and integrate well with other people. But the message to those who cannot get past someone’s skin colour: LOOK AT YOUR BEHAVIOUR. JUST LOOK AT IT.

Racism is taught, not genetically inherited….. #EndRacism

Bushra xxx


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