Organise Your Life! | Organisation Tips

Sometimes our brains can just get jumbled up with shedloads of work… or even half a dozen of prioritised tasks which need doing. Not always, but often, this is due to a lack of organisation in our lives. Just changing your life in one way can make life easier in a hundred ways. I have to admit that I am quite a perfectionist and a lack of organisation in my life genuinely frustrates me, especially as I endure the hard work which school life demands. I’ve picked up quite a few organisation tips which I am about to share, and they can be applied to many aspects in life! 20080619_tomorrow_to_do_list_today

1) Make a to – do list

You may or may not have heard this one as a cliche over and over again. However, believe it or not, when made properly, a to – do list can be a life saver.

I tend to think of things which must be done the next day and list them down. Prioritize longer, or more harder tasks first. Stay realistic and only do a few things that you know for certain you WILL get done! Then, if you think you can achieve more in that particular day, proceed to adding in tasks which can be started on (or completed) but are not as important for that particular day, but rather the upcoming days/week. I usually carry over incomplete or tasks which I have failed to do over to the next day, and these become the next day’s priority. (though this is usually when I’ve been a bit over-ambitious in what I can actually achieve). Remember this: One task done great is better than two done wrong.

2) Get a planner

This can be a life saver, especially if you’re job demands deadlines or has many dates to be aware of. This is always essential for school or college, to write down homework tasks or college deadlines. Make the habit of writing down things as they are said, or you are more likely to forget to meet deadlines or attend events, which can be damaging in your career or even school life.

3) Have a clear out

Though a clear out of your possessions can take a while, in the long run it’s totally worth it. Clutter will only do your head in and a clearer, spacious environment is more healthy for your brain. Maybe you could donate some possessions to charity? – it’s a double win! Only keep things you genuinely need and know you will want. Others you can donate to someone who may make better use of it rather than it lying around, contributing to clutter.

These are my very basic tips, but of course you know you best, so only you will know what will truly work and what won’t. But put your mind to it and you can achieve a stress free life through determination and the right mindset!


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