EBOLA! | What is the truth?

Ebola. It’s spreading across West Africa rapidly. According to the global statistics, about 6400 deaths have occurred since widespread transmission and even that’s a an underestimation, with the deaths multiplying fast. But the reality is that the amount of deaths in the past have been thousands more. But the proposal of it maybe entering the Western world, as there’s already been a US death from it means the media is going to make news fromarticle-2710285-20204A2800000578-305_634x381 it. And that’s why it’s only now been a more open issue. Some have gone to even call it a business, similar to poverty theories. So much money and time is invested, but it continues. Currently there’s no cure, though some claim we are being hidden from the very cure itself.

Some even think it’s a form of population control. The fact that it has so much interest over other issues is scary. One African man claimed that Ebola is a hoax, and seems to be contracted by those who supposedly receive medical treatment from Red Cross. Whether it’s true or not, the very suggestion of it being man made is haunting, and the very people who are sent to ease the disease could be worsening it. Let’s not forget that the media can only reveal so much. Media is practically what ‘sells’ and not necessarily the whole truth.

Whatever the truth is, Ebola has been destroying lives for years and years, since it was discovered in 1976, though has only been highlighted in the media recently because of the severe outbreak. People can’t even kiss their loved ones on fear of dying.

And aside all the jokes people seem to find okay, it’s supposedly the most anti-human disease since AIDS. When you live in a country that’s fully developed, you forget that people are dying. Everywhere.

There are NHS staff voluntarily joining the battle against it. Though it’s devastating watching the daunting clips as they remove deceased bodies from the premises. Curing them is difficult when there is no definite cure.

But let’s face it. Most of us have probably never visited Africa, so can only get our sources from media coverage, which is not always representative, and can make matters seem worse, or even underrated. But it doesn’t take much logic to realise that Ebola is part of the long list of issues in Africa. Let’s not forget the extreme poverty, alongside medical and water deprivation, which seems to forever dwell upon these innocent lives. Developed countries have the advantage of not being a breeding ground for major diseases like Ebola to strike. But it’s not the case for third world countries and never was, which is upsetting. It can sometimes leave you wondering where the millions charities fundraise with the public donating gets to? I’m pretty sure most charities have the best of intentions, but not always. When you hand money over, you can’t guarantee that your intentions will match the donator who will make use of it on your behalf. This is where non profit charities excell.

Is the cure for the whole world to see the truth and reality of the effects of the mass corruption across the world?

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Bushra xxx


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