Money Dominates the World…

Money. It makes the world go mad. It dominates society. studyshowsmo

Did you know that 1% of the world owns about 50% of the total global wealth? Yet the bottom 50% own 1% of the world’s total global assets?

Total global wealth has more than doubled since the year 2000, to $263 trillion dollars, yet at the same time wealth inequality has risen in 23 countries…

These crazy statistics prove the Marxist theory that the poor are only getting poorer and the rich are only getting richer.

In a world dominated by capitalism, it isn’t a surprise that in order to expand business and trade, that countries resort to the poorest countries of them all to provide cheap labor as desperate third world countries hand over. But when you buy clothes or merchandise made from poor countries, do you realise that the conditions these workers work in is horrific? But they are left with no choice. It’s either that or nothing. I would much rather pay more knowing that the workers who work intense hours are being paid fairly and are working in safe, healthy and hygienic conditions. Several years ago a Primark factory in Bangladesh, with extremely harsh conditions and beatings from the manager, collapsed, killing hundreds of people. Ever wondered why clothing from Primark is so cheap? It’s almost a trap. People in developing countries are even trapped. As the working class receive unequal treatment in a capitalistic society, cheaper goods may be the only way to get about, slapping the worker’s right in the face, whilst companies gain their profit. You may think that profit made is profit earned, but in a world where opportunity can be granted from birth, is that really the case?

Poverty seems to be never ending, even with the world getting wealthier. The idea that there is not enough money in the world is simply not the case. If all the money were to be distributed to the 7 billion people of the Earth, we’d all have about 38K, There’s enough money, it’s just not distributed fairly to the people who deserve it most.

The truth is you can’t go anywhere without MONEY. You can’t eat anything without MONEY. You can’t live anywhere without MONEY. A stack of paper is so vital to this world. The answer to everything is always MONEY.

It’s hard to put forward the best solutions to inequality in wealth, when you are never given the opportunity to even have that voice…

Bushra xx

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