I’ve had a blog for almost wordpress-tag-clouda year, and there are some things which I’ve picked up which should help if you want to create one! 🙂

1) Make the blog personal to you, and write content you can be proud of. Write about things that you have a passion for, and what interests YOU, not what you think people want to hear. I’ve noticed that the most popular blogs tend to stick to one theme and post updates and content based on that one theme. They also usually have a much more tight knit community of followers as they’re all interested in that specific topic. However, it’s down to personal preference and I personally don’t really stick to a single theme and write about whatever interests me.

2) Write regularly! This is what will attract people to your blog, and let them know that you are consistent in your posts, and therefore worth following. However regularly you wish to post is up to you; most people post a few times a week, some even post every day! Also, posting about topics that are hot in the news at that time, especially if you have a blog based on politics or activism, will mean your posts will be of interest to people who are curious, and will mean your blog will be in the midst when people search for that topic.

3) Share your posts on social media. Let people know about your blog! You may be exactly the blog someone is looking for! With hundreds of millions on social media, it doesn’t take long for someone to maybe check your blog out and subscribe!

4) Don’t expect to gain followers straightaway. Blogs, like other social networks have millions of people all aiming to gain lots of subscribers and followers. However, unlike other social media, blogs can be very personal and people will usually only subscribe to what interests them and what they’d like to read about. Content of your blog is key to whether someone chooses to follow your blog. This is exactly why it’s much harder to gain followers on a blog and even the most popular ones started with little to none followers, and yet it still takes months, and more likely even years to gain a good amount of followers. Followers can even be really inconsistent. For example, one post might gain you five new subscribers, and after that you might not get any for many posts to come. It’s all part of having a blog, and don’t let any of it take you away from blogging! This leads on to my next point…

5) Don’t give up! It can honestly feel like you’re writing for no – one for ages, but if you really enjoy blogging then continue! Give it time, and who knows where it can lead to?

Link your blog in the comments! 🙂 x

Bushra xxx


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