Soap and Glory: The Righteous Butter | REVIEW!!

WELCOME 2015! This is my first post of 2015 and I thought I’d review one of the products I recently bought from the Boxing day sales and so have had a few days to test it out and give genuine first impressions.soapandglory

I have always loved the look of Soap and Glory products and have heard amazing reviews on their products, but this is the first  I have purchased from them.

First impressions: As part of the  Christmas gifts deals, this is packaged really nicely and was on offer in Boots at the surprising price of £3 for 200ml, considering the products are usually a lot higher. The product smells very subtle and fruity; not too strong but not too weak.

Usually I switch out my body lotions as I like to change, however, I have used this one since the day I purchased it. It works like no other. Previous lotions have been way to thick and oily on my skin, and others have been to sheer, but this one seems to be perfect. Unlike others, it actually absorbs into my skin quite quickly, and leaves behind a temporary sweet and fruity scent which is a bonus, as a lot of creams smell amazing, but the scent becomes plain once applied. It also leaves no irritation on skin and I have quite sensitive skin so it’s just what I need. It’s really gives that sense of relaxation and luxury that is just what a product should offer.

Overall: I would recommend this. It’s definitely worth it and really works!

Soap and Glory: |

Boots: 50ml TRAVEL SIZE:



Bushra xxx


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