I’ve watched tons of Fox News clips, and to be real, the more I watch, the more it feels like I’m watching a satirical comedy show rather than a factual news show. In fact the word ‘factual’ is hilarious when partnered with Fox News, as the majority of their content is anything but factual, as seen recently with an ‘expert’ on terrorism. Fox News quite clearly has a reputation for promoting strong media bias, a strong generalization on groups of people, including Muslims, as well as twisting and playing mind games on those who watch. I usually watch if I’m looking for a laugh; it seems unbelievable that some Americans use this as a legitimate news source. Fox News may have forgotten that people with half a braincell do watch their news – and not for reality, but for sole entertainment. That’s what it seems to have become – a joke in many senses.

Let’s take their highly intellectual, knowledgeable, top terrorism expert, Steven Emmerson, who feels qualified to speak on behalf of another country – and another city.

‘You have zones where Sharia courts are set up, where Muslim density is very intense, and the police just don’t go in’

These first comments completely lack research and analysis for someone whose a ‘terrorism expert’. I’ve been to Birmingham many, many times before and believe me – the police presence is high.The idea that the ‘police just don’t go in’ is so funny; I mean, what on Earth was he thinking? He assumes that the police will not go into a whole city of more than one million people, or even these so called ‘zones’?  Oh, and the majority of the police officers are non – Muslim. We don’t live in an Islamic country. Britain is not a country to be ruled by Sharia. Fox New’s lack of integrity will quite surely brainwash their viewers into thinking we live in the ‘Muslim caliphate‘ of Birmingham, where around 80% is non Muslim. No, it doesn’t seem like we’re getting any closer to some Muslims caliphate.

‘In parts of London there are Muslim religious police that ACTUALLY beat and ACTUALLY wound seriously anyone who doesn’t dress according to Muslim attire’

Okay, at this point the reporter is being so brainwashed, you just want to jump in the screen and put the truth into perspective. What parts of London exactly is he referring to? That whole statement lacks total coherency, if any, and just makes the whole argument sound like a total joke. The use of the word ACTUALLY will not make your statements any more factual than you assume. These so called ‘Muslim religious police’ would be pretty stupid to be taking over the authorities job, and to enforce a non existent law. Likewise, the police would be pretty stupid to allow such a thing to happen. Oh, but Muslims must be these completely dangerous, war mongering, Shariah law enforcing (of which ONE written interpretation does not exist) demons. Well, I’m writing this now to tell you that you must have never visited Birmingham. The severity of these non existent wounds sounds like an obvious lie, considering that many Muslims residing in the UK go for Western attire on a daily basis, rather than traditional ‘religious Muslim attire’, whatever the hell that means. That could mean anything.

Some of the reporters may be nice people in person, and yet their reporting is far from it, as it paints such a distorted, one sided perception of people and the world. It’s easy to say in the heat of the moment that you don’t mean to suggest that ‘all Muslims are terrorists’, yet it is constantly implied, and can easily obscure people’s perspective on different groups of people. It creates stereotypes and outrage, but most importantly, fear for a situation which simply doesn’t exist. Emmerson has since recognized his errors, and in retaliation has pledged to donate £500 to Birmingham’s Childrens Hospital, however, the point is much more complex than that. The fact that a terrorism expert can make such mistakes, and this is not the first time, is dangerous and damaging to the very principles the media was created on – to provide facts. I’m not saying that Islamic Extremism is non – existent because the reality is that it exists. However, the risk of Islam taking over the West is absurd. In fact, it’s about whether their wrongly interpreted, misguided interpretation of Islam will make it to the table, and this minority will always be outnumbered.The voices of peace – loving and supporters of democracy will always outnumber the threat it poses to the West, as seen with the 2 million strong march in Paris, in support of freedom of speech, in response to the Charlie Hebdo killings.

Fox News? More like False News.

Check these videos out, where Steve Emmerson offers his ‘expert’ talks on Islam in Europe, as well as Sean Hannity adding to the fire of lies:

Bushra x


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