1) Make a change in your Girl blowing dandelion seed head at sunsetdiet for the better. I have recently started to eat a lot more healthier, not only for my health in the long term, but to simply feel better about myself and much happier. However, eating healthier doesn’t happen overnight, as it’s so easy to constanty eat healthy and then give up and stuff yourself, which is why it’s better to eat in moderation. A small simple change, such as adding fruit to your cereal, or reducing meal sizes goes a long way!

2) Do what you have to do, for you. It’s so easy to be manipulated by everyone on what’s ‘cool’ and what’s not. We are so easily influenced into thinking we have to have something, or must do something in order to gain attention that may feel good, but it isn’t YOU. Do what feels right; not what people tell you is. If you want to study for a test rather than go out with friends, and you’re laughed at or called a nerd, so what? You’ll get the grades and then you’ll see whose laughing 😉

3) Wake up a little earlier. Start your day a little earlier than usual; that way you’ll have a fresh start and will get your tasks done quicker, leaving more time for yourself. If you don’t already, you can now have breakfast, which is arguably the most important meal of the day. DON’T SKIP IT!!

4) Take up a hobby! This is one of my more bigger tips in terms of change, but it will really get your creative side flowing. We all tend to have things we have always wanted to try; why not get around to them? If you don’t try and make time now, then when?

5) Pay it forward. Remember that time you were helped out by someone? Pay that forward and do something for someone else. Good karma will only come back to you. Look at your life and have some gratitude. The fact that you can even access this post means you have access to something the majority of the world does not. Donate to a charity, smile at a stranger or if you live away from home, pay a surprise visit to your family. Life’s too short to put other things before your friends and family.

6) Make a small change in your routine. Humans tend to get bored of the same old day fairly quickly. Make a minor change in your way of life to spice it up a little more. eg. switch your makeup up, or take a different route to work. It will make life that slight more interesting.

7) Learn something new! The sheer beauty of life is way to beautiful to be left undiscovered. Whether you research the misconceptions of a certain topic and educate yourself, or simply revise a topic for class, knowledge is truly power, and the key to the future.

8) Most importantly – just remember the value in life itself. There are so many things that we can earn through hard work, such as money and materialistic things, but in reality, our graves will always be the same, despite there being major differences in wealth throughout the planet. This is exactly why you shouldn’t let such things control you; rather you control them. Don’t forget the importance in being a better human being, and looking out for others. It will make you feel good, too.

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