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Truth is that she’s forever gazing at the Size 2 models who by turn, take their posture and pout their way down the aisle, while she immerses herself in magazines of finely photo shopped, surreal beauty. ‘It’s all an illusion’, her heart bawls. ‘That could be you’, though her conscience retorts.

The models themselves revisit their fate; was I made for such an intense destiny? Low calories… no calories? They perpetually distort and abuse the very dream they always had. To model. But to model is to show off what you have, not what you are willed to become.

Doesn’t sell? Whose fault is that, for promoting such a damaging message?

But she’s still unsure of herself. The media besieges her every move. Since the day she was born, she is already in embrace of the very thing set to kill her soul. A message which is damaging, though it lures her in.

She gawps down at her size 12 tag, submersing every drop of blood weeping down her frail arm onto it. Every ounce of weight which once defined her, is now merely the past. Size 2? Size 0.

‘I want to be pretty. I want to be stunning. I want to be like — like them.’

I don’t have to anymore. Mamma said always do what makes you happy.

I wanted to be like them. And it killed me in the end.

Perception of what is true beauty won’t stop until those in power stop labelling real beauty as outcasts or inferior. Change in the true you can enlighten many, though in the long term it kills you inside….

I just wrote this to put a message across in a different way, and as a reminder to stay true to yourself. Stay beautiful, without thinking you need to change! It’s modelling agencies and media that need change!

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2 thoughts on “BEAUTY HAS NO SIZE | bushrajalilblog

  1. What a beautiful message! It’s really sad how our society now has such strict beauty standards and makes people feel bad about themselves. 😦 Everyone is beautiful no matter what size they are! ❤

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