I haven’t posted in about a week, because I’ve been quite busy, but something that is in the news right now is the Chapel Hill Shootings, where three Muslims were shot, apparently over a ‘parking space’. I would say in most cases religion is absolutely not important when innocents die. When an innocent person is killed, whether they be Muslim, Christian, Sikh, Hindu, Jew, Buddhist, Atheist, whatever, innocent people are innocent people. However, in light of recent events, such as the Charlie Hebdo Massacre, and ISIS’s persecution of religious minorities, religion is important and this case simply brings reality back: MUSLIMS ARE KILLED IN ATTACKS, as VICTIMS. It was even seen in the Charlie Hebdo massacre recently, when a Muslim police officer was shot first, and a Muslim helped victims to survive by hiding them during the attack. There is a clear 150211-barakat-yusor-razan-jsw-852a_448d1550491c2a68cc4cb35492ea7cd2differentiation between ‘Muslim’ extremists and Muslims.

What I find amusing is that I see these extremists as going against the doctrines of Islam and therefore not Islamic. However, likewise, they would view me as a non Muslim simply for standing out against their twisted agenda. Their cruel form of Islam. A distortion of a text followed by 1.6 billion. My point is that there is a clear difference. We have become so used to the media defining groups of people as one cult, rather than as individuals. It has gotten to the point where every case has to be looked at; we can’t stereotype or generalize by smearing people away. There is a serious problem with fanatics of all religions using religion as a weapon, rather than for the positive foundations it was built upon, and they must be dealt with. That will NEVER happen with ridiculous comments I’ve read like ‘ALL MUSLIMS SHOULD BE WIPED OUT’ or ‘JEWS ARE SCUM’. Comments that start with ‘ALL Muslims are…. (or all Jews, Christians, etc) are so ridiculous, it’s worrying for humanity. I don’t even bother to read them as they are so uneducated and vague. They are not comments of someone who wants to have a structured and rational debate on the core of these problems, such as extremism. Christians are dying at the hands of ISIS, and being oppressed in the name of politics, despite Muslims living side by side with them previously. The same is happening to Jews everyday; they are being oppressed for their religious beliefs. And the same to Muslims, who are dying at the hands of Muslims themselves. It is disgusting to assume and assign a KILLER to the same sect as INNOCENTS.  Religion is faith, not an excuse for atrocities. Likewise, lack of religion is not an excuse to ridicule others just for their belief.The whole idea of extremism is complex; I will do a post on this! But back to the story, I personally believe that the parking space issue is not the core of why it happened.

“The media does not represent America. The media represents 2 percent of America who owns money and influence. If a Muslim commits a crime, it’s on the news 24/7 for two months. When we are executed in numbers, it’s on the news for seconds.” – quote of the father

This man was an Atheist,and so he will not be assigned to any religious group, and therefore, by a lot of people, excused. Why? Because to some people, if they are not assigned to a religious group or sect, then there is no group to blame as whole, and therefore nothing to make a fuss about. Something that bigots seem to be a fan of. Something that seems to spark such hate attacks. If a Muslim were to commit the same, disgusting act, it would be terrorism. No arguments. There is still a debate as to whether this was a HATE CRIME. I mean.. HELLO?! Even nutjobs don’t shoot three people over a parking space; there must be something to this.

We all belong to one race: THE HUMAN RACE. Something like this should NEVER divide people of different faiths, but rather, unite them. There are fanatics and normal, decent people. Those are the ones that, if put together, have more power to change the planet than any group of fanatics will ever have.

RIP to the victims, RIP to the innocents killed everyday x

Bushra xx

Don’t forget to S-U-B-S-C-R-I-B-E 😛



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