Trip to Bangladesh!

I haven’t been here for over two weeks which means I haven’t posted in all that time, as I was in Bangladesh visiting my grandma and sightseeing! I will be back to posting regularly soon but for now, here are some pictures I took of the country – they are all from the city of Syhlet 🙂


Hazrat Shahjalal Dorgah – Mosque and Tomb

Shahjalal is a famous Islamic Persian saint who proceeded to Syhlet, Bangladesh around 800 years ago, where he introduced Islam. His shrine is famous in Sylhet and throughout Bangladesh, with hundreds of devotees visiting daily. I had the chance to visit it and it’s beautiful!

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I also visited the home of the most famous Bengali military officer in Bangladesh, who led the war for Independance of Bangladesh in 1971. General Muhammad Ataul Gani Osmani (Bengali: মুহাম্মদ আতাউল গনি ওসমানী; 1 September 1918– 16 February 1984), also known as Bongobir (the Hero of Bengal), was a Bengali military officer who was the Commander-in-Chief of the Mukti Bahini during the Bangladesh Liberation War in 1971. The home is beautiful, and everything, including his passport, prayer mat, dining set, and books and files he studied are all preserved, though you weren’t allowed to take pictures inside!

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This was the sight of the Surma river, where a cruise was taking off 🙂


These are sights from a park in Zakiganj, Syhlet which is all owned by one home which you can see in the back of the left picture! I’m not sure of the name but it was incredibly huge with its own park, river with boats and a canal, and plenty of greenery!


This is a slum style  home of a minority from Dhaka, who now live in Syhlet. It’s heartbreaking to see how rough they live, and unfortunately this is the plight of many in the country.


These are just some beautiful shots I took over the flight back to the UK! Left iswith a 3000m mountain in the distance! Right is one of my favourite shots and it’s over Amsterdan, just as we set to cross over the English Channel! The fact that you could see the land and sea in one view was breathtakingly fascinating!

These were just some of many of my pictures from my trip to Bangladesh! A said, I will be posting as normal from next week! Don’t forget to SUBSCRIBE, LIKE and SHARE!

Bushra xxx 🙂


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