Recently, Nepal faced the tragic event of an earthquake measuring 7.8 on the Richter scale, the biggest impact in almost 80 years, as well as facing several tragic after shocks. 5,000 are already confirmed dead, with countless numbers oImage: Powerful earthquake hits Nepalf injuries. This heartbreaking event has left hundreds of thousands homeless, with millions needing emergency aid – something that has been delayed due to the huge scale impact this has had on the nation. It’s another humanitarianism crisis, like many across the globe, that need our help and attention. The lack of aid, both in resources and the governments’ intervention, has had a serious impact upon the lives of the Nepalese people – with people being forced to evacuate their homes on fear of another aftershock, as well as nepal2thousands left homeless after the mass destruction and  are now running dangerously short on supplies. The capital city, Kathmandu is barely surviving, yet the reality is the whole of Nepal has suffered, with tremors also felt as far as India and Bangladesh.


Please make a donation in order to provide some form of aid and relief towards these lives disrupted by such a major disaster: – This is a charity organisation which my school is involved with called ‘Childsmile’, where they truly change the lives of young orphans in Nepal, and are currently working hard to raise money for the devastated lives in Nepal after the events. Please donate!

Thank you!

Bushra x



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