DRUGSTORE Eyeliner Review: Collection vs MUA :D


So finally my GCSE exams are over and so I’m back blogging! I thought I’d post a review comparing two great eyeliners, both super affordable from Superdrug, a major drugstore in the UK in case you’re not familiar with it. I actually recently began using top liner and for some reason didn’t like wearing it before, but that was probably because I wasn’t very good at applying it, haha! I’ve recently gotten used to applying it and find that I actually really like it, and so I tried these two, as I wasn’t willling to pay too much as I just wanted to try them out, and have found that I really like it and almost always wear it now! Oh, and by the way, none of my posts are sponsored in any shape or form whatsoever – everything is my own opinion, as always!

The first one is the MUA (Makeup Academy) Liquid Eyeliner in shade 5 (they are both black) – http://www.superdrug.com/MUA/MUA-Liquid-Eyeliner-Shade-5/p/204718#.VYF_SflViko

PRICE: £1, the swatch is the bottom one in the image below

This is a brand known for selling cheap and affordable makeup at a fraction of the price of other IMG_20150617_144730drugstore brands, with matching quality, and with many products at only £1, and after trying loads, I can say that they are of reasonable, if not better quality of some ridiculously overpriced products out there. This liner is in the form of a screw up liner, and has a very thin line which allows you to build up a thicker liner and a flick if you wanted to. It is quite liquidy and so you do need to wipe the excess off, however I have found that the liner just simply doesn’t budge all day! The actual liner stays on without a hassle and cannot be rubbed off easily simply with a wipe, and does require makeup remover or wipes, which is great if you don’t wish to reapply throughout the day. However, I have found that it does get a little flaky looking, and so the fact that it cannot be taken off easily may be a disadvantage as it can appear messy after several hours, so you may need to touch up. I have also found it a little hard to use at first because I personally prefer the felt pen format (this will be explained with the other liner), and the fact that the actual liner is quite short makes it a little hard to maneuver, but you get used to it. However, the actual liner is very rich and looks beautiful when put on. The fact that the liner is thin makes it build able and adaptable for different occasions – whether you want a simple line for a casual day, or a thicker line and a flick for an occasion. However, it doesn’t make any claims on the packaging and so it’s left for you to make your own verdict and to be honest, at only £1, it is very affordable and at that price, you can’t really complain – it’s a pretty good eyeliner for the price, and great for students like me! 🙂

VIEW MORE MUA PRODUCTS HERE: http://www.muastore.co.uk/ or http://www.superdrug.com/brandshop/mua

The other eyeliner I have been using is the Collection 24 hour felt tip liner. This one was bought from Boots, another majo20150617_144649r drugstore in the UK, however the brand ‘Collection’, if you don’t already know, is quite popular and can be found in the major British drugstores 🙂 – http://www.boots.com/en/Collection-Extreme-24-Hour-Felt-Tip-Liner_1160659/

PRICE: £2.99, the swatch is the top one in the image

 Collection is also a very affordable brand, and this liner was £2.99, a bit more than the MUA one. It claims to last all day, perfect for defined eyes, easy to apply, with a fast dry formula and lasting up to 24 hours, and it certainly lives up to those standards. For a start, I assume most of us don’t wear eyeliner for 24 hours straight, so that’s a claim I won’t fIMG_20150617_144838ind out, but it definitely does last some time! I found this one a lot easier to apply, with a smooth application that looked flawless when applied. The felt pen format felt much more comfortable to apply and therefore looked better in my opinion. However one disadvantage is that although it looks great and can be left on for a while, it definitely isn’t  fully waterproof and smudges if rubbed to hard, whereas the MUA one still went strong after smudging and rain! I also felt the MUA, despite being cheaper had a more richer application, whereas this one looked more brown and faded a while after application, despite both of them being black, however as it dries it throughout the day it looks great and more richer!

Overall, however, they are both great eyeliners at great prices, though I’m leaning toward the Collection one slightly more! Love both brands loads, though and use them regularly!

Thanks for reading, let me know what you think of these eyeliners or if you have any recommendations! 😀

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Bushra 🙂 xxx


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