Jordana Matte Lipstick Review <3


Today I’m going to review one of the best lipsticks I’ve tried, and surprisingly, it’s also one of the cheapest. It was bought in Bangladesh, while I was there last holiday because I love to try products from different IMG_20150617_145113countries, however I soon  discovered that it is actually from an American company, and so the country just happened to sell the product there. In all honestly, I thought that the product may actually be a dupe or a fake version of the actual brand because it was such a good lipstick, and it was only priced at the US equivalent of $1.80, which seemed surprisingly cheap for such a good product, however on the actual website it is only $1.50, which shocked me considering how much I loved it! (and it made sense that Bangladesh sold it for slightly more as Western imported products tend to be more pricey there). It was a win win situation! But anyway, enough about the great price, lets move on to the lipstick!

The lipstick I purchased was the matte Jordana lipstick in shade 49: Lavender Lady. The packaging was okay and quite different compared to typical lipstick packaging, and expected for the price. This is a really subtle, natural looking, but absolutely beautiful shade as seen in the swatch below. To be honest, I find that with most ‘matte’ claiming lipsticks, 20150617_145005they usually don’t fit the definition of matte when you apply it, and as with previous lipsticks I’ve tried, they tend to come out more glossy than matte. However, this is amazingly matte, with easy and smooth application which looks absolutely gorgeous and much more expensive looking than my other lipsticks, which cost more. The lipstick looks beautiful and lasts very well without any form of primer or even a lip liner, which would just be bonus! Even with one coating of this lipstick, it gives such an effortless, yet classy and flawless look, which in no doubt floods in compliments. This particular lipstick is a stunning natural shade, which certainly would look flattering on all skin tones, though after viewing their website, there are dozens of shades for all occasions, and no doubt – a shade for everyone.

Overall verdict: These are perfect for someone on a budget, but I honestly love it so much for the fact that it lives up to the ‘matte’ lipstick claims, and so if I had bought more, which is my only regret, it would’ve become my go to lipstick! 😀

LINK to the Jordana Cosmetics Website:

LINK to the lipstick:

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Bushra xxx


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