For most of us, a month of fasting for Ramadan is over and Eid is here! Whether you’re celebrating today or tomorrow, I’d like to wish all Muslims across the globe a safe and joy filled Eid! I personally miss Ramadan due to the fact that I really felt far more spiritually focused and closer to God this year more than than ever as I focused my month on prayer and thinking of those less fortunate, and hope to carry this positive nature on. It has been a month with great emphasis on devotion and reflection aeid_mubarak2nd insha allah (God willing) we can take the good habits that Ramadan has bought out of us and apply in into the near future in order to become the best people we possibly can and apply this in whatever we may choose to do in life, or are already doing!

Let me know what you’re doing/wearing/eating for Eid, I’d love to know how people across the world are celebrating – the beauty of social media! 🙂 (and I’m kinda nosy too) :p x

Once again, EID MUBARAK, have fun, and don’t forget what’s important 🙂

Bushra xx


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