NCS: WEEK 1, at the Pioneer Centre

Last Monday, I nervously set off to begin an amazing adventure with a great bunch of people on NCS (National Citizen

20150721_184801Service), a four week intense and fun course for young people aged 15-17 which aims to improve you as a young person both physically (as we learnt on the first week of activities!) and mentally as you go through a range of tasks working with lots of different people! My first week was spent at the Pioneer Centre in Kidderminster, out in the countryside. We stayed in cabins and I have to admit the place was far more comfortable and amazing than I expected considering it felt like we were heading to nowhere as we entered the countryside! It was huge with endless activites waiting there for us, as well as a basketball court and fields. I honestly felt so nervous even though I knew a few people beforehand but as soon as I got there all my worries seemed irrelevant and I felt I fitted perfectly fine! Everyone was so nice and casual and we all clicked, as we were all on the same journey set to unravel – I even became even closer with some old primary school pals!

We tried lots of new activities and things I had always wanted to do such as archery, fencing and abseiling asIMG_20150724_193458 well as lots of things that involved heights which I naturally love – such as rock climbing, the leap of faith and high ropes! We also did lots of fun activities that were on the ground such as raft building (which got me soaked till the waist – let’s just say our raft ‘failed’!), bridge building, indoor caving and low ropes – which involved more teamwork and co-ordination which really bought our team closer together. There were also opportunities to do things as a whole wave (I was on wave three) such as a fashion show sporting recycled outfits, and a talent show where our group went all out and went Bollywood! We performed a punjabi bhangra dance! There was also a film crew who came to film us dancing to Rather Be by Clean Bandit in our special NCS Tshirts as part of TShirtour graduation video for the graduation ceremony in September to celebrate our upcoming achievements!

Overall, it was an amazing week which is not explainable in words as to how much fun and laughter we had, and despite it only being a week so far, I sense that the friends I have made are for the long term! We got muddy, wet and ill but that just demonstrated our determination and commitment to get through all the challenging and exciting activities lined up! At times it felt like we were on a military field preparing to become soldiers and at times it felt like we were at one big party! However, every moment was precious, memorable and it was honestly one of the best weeks all year so far for me at least, and a change from the dull and lifeless summer which this time last year I thought I’d have! Everyone was so helpful and down to earth and I would do it all over again! Bring on week two which is the university experience at the Demonfort University halls of residence! There will be a post describing the experience next week!

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