GCSE RESULTS 2015!! | Motivation

So today is the day which makes me feel old… the day which this time last year seemed miles away. But it’s here.
Thousands of teenagers just like me collected their GCSE examination IMG_20150820_143636results (exams taken at the end of year 11 in Britain) today which essentially confirmed if they would be able to take their chosen A Levels. There was tears of happiness, distress, anger and regret and amongst some – the feeling that they ‘could’ve done better’. I have to admit, there were subjects I was taken aback with looking at my results, and some subjects that I felt I could’ve done better. My results are as follows:

English Literature: A (taken last year)

English Language: A

Maths: B

Science Core: B

Science Additional: C

History: A*

French: A

Sociology: B

Drama: B

Just like many others, I had feelings of disappointment (Eg sociology where I was predicted A*) but moments of shock to, at science, for example, which I feared not even passing! These results were attained through hard work and dedication throughout the months, however, I know that there are people out there who may have failed certain subjects, or unable to get their chosen A Levels and this post goes out to you! It goes out to you whether you feel as if you messed up on a subject, or even feel as if you have failed entirely. Don’t be disheartened.

For a start, applaud your efforts. You have gotten to the point where you have given your first major examinations from which you can learn from. As teenagers, it is something to be proud of, even if you haven’t gotten quite what you wanted. As long as you know you have worked hard and done all you possible could have, then you have nothing to be ashamed of or feel disheartened about. On the other hand, if you know that you could’ve given much more to your exams, then take this as a stepping stone to a new chapter – A Levels. Use this as your motivation to become bigger and better because it is POSSIBLE. As long as you are ready, the world is at your feet. We are all individual minds who work at different abilities  and have different strengths and your role is important in society. What you can give, whatever it is, matters. A doctor, for example is not much good taking out rubbish on streets like binmen but they are both important and matter!

We are all so young and have the world at our feet if we want it. In no way have you shut off every single opportunity, no matter your grades. There is something out there for you, but you must be willing to find it. A Levels are coming up next and are set to be much tougher and harder than GCSEs so as I said, don’t take GCSEs to the point where you see no future. Use this motivation to do better at A levels because they will matter a lot when applying to university/higher education. Don’t forget to look at all of your options out there, as not everyone will find A Levels suitable. There are also apprenticeships, and more vocational routes. Yes, grades are somewhat important but not to the point where you doubt your ability to achieve your dreams! Keep believing and you will achieve – some of the worlds multi millionaires have pretty crummy GCSE’s eg. Simon Cowell and Alan Sugar, yet they are achieving things which you can too!

We are so young and so capable; don’t let these grades define you. I guarantee there are many areas which you flourish – have the courage to seek them. Work hard, and let today not be torture, but rather a day in which you can reflect on where you may have gone wrong and use this to your advantage! You are worth it and you will rise. Even if it’s slow, I know you will get there! NEVER underestimate the power you have as a young person to decide your future. You ARE the future. You are more than just grades on a piece of a paper, and you have so many chances right on your doorstep, if you choose to take them 😀

Bushra xx


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