So today was initially meant to be a post casually wishing my fellow Muslims across the world a Happy Eid – Al – Adha as I do every year on social media, however in light of the devastating incidents that happened to occur today, I would like to send my condolences to the victims of them:

The main coverage has been on the incident at Makkah, Saudi Arabia where the Muslim pilgrimage to the Holy city is 060112_hajj_hmed_10a.grid-6x2currently taking place. As it gets towards its end, the traditional ‘stoning of the devil’ event has led to a rampage of people stampeding towards the location, while simultaneously people were exiting it and this clash led to vulnerable people being stamped on and killed, leading to well over 700 deaths and almost 1000 injured. This came so closely after the deaths as a result of the crane crash a few days ago, which killed over 100 people. Reasoning behind this all aside, it is a devastating thing to occur, especially due to the fact that every single person who made this pilgrimage, went in the goal of purifying themselves, and spiritually cleansing themselves as a person, as well as devotion to God, and so it is upsetting, like any incident, that this has happened once again in a place of worship.

Alongside this, on the same day, a Mosque in Sanna, Yemen fell victim to a suicide bombing during the traditional Eid prayers, which left 30 people killed, and many injured. Political motives are never a justification to incite death upon any innocent being, and the fact that this happened in a place of worship on Eid is even more sickening.

As always, my thoughts and prayers go out to the victims and families of these incidents. Eid is supposed to be a day of peace and joy, but today was sadly darker than a typical Eid day, due to the atrocity of the suicide bombing and the stampede at Makkah.

Deepest condolences and prayers go out to all victims, and families who are grieving ❤

May the innocents and good willed people everywhere always be safe from harm.




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