Recently, some Palestinian youths visited our college to perform a traditional dance and explore different skills in workshops hosted at our college. There was also information available on the deteriorating situation of the citizens of Gaza in what is the West Bank. There was also the sale of natural goods imported from Palestine, such as dates, olive oil, soaps and spices! They are all by Zaytoun, a non profit organisation established to support Palestinian farming communities by h570-20141203_112811elping to increase the market for their olive oil products internationally, and also by helping the farmers themselves improve the quality of their oil through training and equipment provision. You can purchase their products here:

I bought one of the soaps in the pomegranate flavour, made in Nablus, Palestine and of 100% natural ingredients including virgin olive oil and pomegranate itself. I love the fact that it is handmade and has such a sweet smelling scent! It is perfect if you have sensitive skin or like me, dislike using soaps with additives that can irritate your skin easily. Usually I always use Lush soaps, which are amazing, though some are very strong scented (not that it’s a bad thing, but it’s nice to have a change) and so this was a far soothing alternative! It can be quite hard to find a 100% natural soap, so it’s great! 😀

The situation in Palestine is getting increasingly worse, with the latest UN report stating that Gaza could become completely uninhabitable in the upcoming years. I haven’t spoken much on the conflict on my blog, however, politics aside, there are people of all faiths and beliefs suffering from what seems to be an exaggeration on the claim of ‘defense’. Despite political differences between both sides, innocent people are stuck in the middle of an ongoing conflict with people who have done nothing wrong and thousands of children who were born into a war zone. It’s intolerable that something like this can go on for so long – the breaking of international law and ethnic cleansing of a group of people in their own land.

You can support the cause here:

or donate:

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Bushra 😀

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