Once again, a surge of terrorist attacks have taken place across the globe in France, Lebanon and Iraq, which sadly shadow the countless terror attacks earlier this year, including the Charlie Hebdo attacks, as well as the suicide bombings in mosques in Kuwait and Sanaa. Again, referring t379222_img650x420_img650x420_cropo Paris, the attack seemed heavily politically motivated in an apparent response to Syrian airstrikes, and the suicide bombings were both against Shia Muslims simply practicing their interpretation of their faith. The bombing at the funeral in the Mosque in Baghdad killed 19, with 41 deaths at least in the incident of Beirut and 129 in Paris. Reactions are just as equal to my reactions in recent attacks which I’ve passed grievances too – the feeling of distraught and pain for the grieving families but also anger and the feeling of absolute intolerance to the perpetrators, regardless of whether they are affiliated to an Islamist terror group or not.

It not only hurts and upsets m_86660606_86660603e that these terrorists, who clearly are not right in the head have once again hidden behind and disturbed the name of a religion that 1.6 billion cherish, but the fact that they have some form of twisted logic which makes them think that innocent people, regardless of the political situation or what a certain government is doing, should be dragged into a conflict that they have no affiliation to. This is certainly a type of terrorism which is difficult to explain as these people selfishly kill harmless beings to feed their perverted and twisted interpretation of Islam (in fact, what’s left of it) and then have the nerve to destroy Islamic history, some of which is attributed to the Prophets, as well as kill people of their own apparent religion at a funeral IN a Mosque! It is upsetting that the people stuck in the middle of the conflicts always suffer the most, most probably as they have nothing to do with the conflict, and therefore the most vulnerable. It’s devastating how 129 Parisians were killed enjoying themselves, while 19 Shia Muslims were killed at the worst state – at a funeral, as well as countless killed in prayer. It can’t be denied that it makes you think that there is more to these terrorists than we are led to believe.

My deepest thoughts and prayers go out to the families and victims of these abhorrent attacks, which are likened to killing the whole of humanity, in the words of the Quraan. You will not be forgotten. A world in which we can put religious, political, racial and any other divisional factors aside will be a world more valued and loved. It is my deepest regret that innocent souls continue to unfairly pay the price of them. Terrorism has no affiliation with any of these factors, but rather come from people who are unlike the true upholders and protectors of these factors. And if it wasn’t loud enough, for whatever reason, or clear enough, then I, on behalf of over a billion of Muslims condemn these attacks and always will. Before anything else, I am a human and will ALWAYS be in solidarity with the victims of any attack, regardless of who they are. This goes without saying and to be honest, should not even have to be said. I may be Muslim, but I am also human. RIP, citizens of humanity ❤

#PrayForHumanity #PrayForParis #PrayForBeirut #PrayForBaghdad #UnificationNotDivision

Bushra x



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  2. I strongly condemn this ghastly incident in France from the bottom of my heart.Surely, it’s not right what these terrorists did. Because Islam denounces the taking of innocent lives, and teaches that the murder of one innocent person is like the murder of all of humanity. These youths went against the teachings of Qur’an and Hadees and committed this heinous crime.But Hang On!!We cannot see things from one side and be judgemental. Well there’s a reason to why they do it – They are provoked and frustrated largely by Western influence and actions in their lands. This terrorist act is committed by angry and alienated youth who are born or grow up in the Western countries. These youth are angry at the foreign policies of the Western governments which support tyrannical dictators and occupations in Muslim lands as well as they are angry at the alienation and racism they face in their Western countries. If you bomb a nation and convert a human habitation into a jungle, you will also convert the humans there into animals. The hundreds of thousands of people killed and wounded in Iraq & Syria, and millions displaced, had fathers, sons, daughters, wives, husbands, brothers, sisters. Would they not, like Caesar’s spirit, ranging for revenge, and join the ISIS to seek revenge ? ” It is really pathetic how Western political leaders thought that they gonna destroy homes and kill innocents in Iraq, Afghanistan and Syria and can sleep in their home peacefully & conveniently without any backlash. It is practically and morally incomprehensible. I am not justifying the Paris attack but all that I am saying is that it was an inevitable consequence of what some people did. Western countries are playing with our lives. My suggestion to the Western nations especially US & its allies is that, “Just stop your own terrorism (i.e. bombing other people) and the Muslim terrorist groups will stop their terrorism and also pay some attention to the grievances of the people who are sympathising and supporting the terrorists rather than putting them behind bars under mere suspicion and keep them to languish in jails.

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