Boxing Day Sales Haul 2015

I hope all of you who celebrated Christmas had a happy and fulfilling day! This year, the boxing day sales in Leicester had better clothing in my opinion but not as good in beauty/makeup products! I only bought a few things which were enough for a haul and from shops that surprised me with their products as they were far better with more variety than high end stores! Next had a huge queue as every Boxing Day morning does and surprisingly I walked out with nothing, despite the hype. But anyway, here’s the  things I did buy:


LUSH had a huge half price sale on bath bombs and selected soaps and so I bought one of their Christmas specials ‘Old Father Time’ which cost only £2.32 🙂



BOOTS – The Garnier Micellar Cleansing water has always had fairly positive reviews and so I wanted to try it and it was only £1 for 125ml which is the travel size 🙂



These were some cosy essentials! The left is a comfortable light blanket, perfect for watching movies and was reduced from £10 to £2 at Superdrug and on the right is a pair of pyjamas from Primark for £3 – something I buy every year!


I bought a few tops/jumpers which by coincidence are all greys/blacks!

Primark also had a huge sale surprisingly and I saw clothes I’d never seen before! I bought a silver, frosted jumper, a grey shirt and a warm, plain black woolly cardigan, all reduced to £5 🙂

I also bought a couple of casual tops from BHS as they are normally pricey but of good quality! The left one is a white linen plain tee for £4 and a stripy tee for £3 and on the right is a striped sheer jumper/top that was £5!


Deichman had a huge half price sale on all their shoes and I wanted some flats so I got these navy ones with a cute bow for £7.49!





That was just a quick show of what I bought on the Boxing Day Sales, which wasn’t as much as last year, but what I was looking for! Let me know how the sales went in your city and what you bought 😀

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Bushra xx


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