My Daily Skincare Routine!

Tonight I thought I’d do a post simply highlighting all the products I use throughout the day on my skin, as well as what I use occasionally. I’ve been lucky enough to not have ever had any major skin breakouts, and these products are drugstore and affordable, yet are the secret behind what I have been using for years!


NEUTROGENA FACE WASH: £3-4/150ml I remember this brand being my first ever face wash in ‘pink  grapefruit’ and I have always used this brand to this day! It lasts ages, and I love the fact that there are micro pearls which ensure your skin is genuinely being cleansed properly and stripped of pores/blemishes. I always use this first thing in the morning to simply refresh my skin and after I’ve removed any makeup at the end of the day to fully cleanse it and strip it of any impurities from throughout the day.  Click here to see my full review last year on them!

NIVEA DAY AND NIGHT CREAMS: £3.99/50ml I use loads of products by Nivea as I find they are extremely moisturising considering I have really dry skin at times but are also so affordable! When I was younger I used to always use their trademark blue tub, and it’s kept my skin so soft, yet now use the day and night cream simply because of the SPF benefits, and extra qualities which are helpful for teenage skin, such as skin balance and intense moisturisation.

NIVEA EXPRESS HYDRATION PRIMER: £4.99/50ml I love, love, LOVE this cream! I initially bought it as I’d never really used any for of ‘primer’ but have found it to not only be great underneath makeup for a smooth, sheer application, but just on its own for smoother, clearer skin! A pea sized amount is enough for your entire face and skin, and it has become a part of my daily routine.

SIMPLE KIND TO SKIN TONER: £2-3/200ml After removing any makeup, I always use a toner to remove any excess and to balance out my skin complexion over time. It definitely has worked over the past few months and I especially love the Simple toner as it is genuinely kind to your skin! It literally feels like water, considering I have sensitive skin, and has worked way better than any other toners, such as Garnier which I find irritates my skin.

VASELINE: £1 This is a lifetime favourite which I not only find works every time on dry lips, but I also coat it onto my lashes after showers or before bed as it apparently strengthens/lengthens lashes, and I also smooth it under my eyes inwards to reduce sagging bags over time and dark circles!

And finally, on occasion, usually once a week, I’ll use a face mask, typically from Montagne Jeunesse to fully hydrate my skin after a week of college/environmental influences. Click here for reviews on the ones I use!

Thanks for reading, let me know if you have any questions! Don’t forget to like or follow  ❤

Bushra x


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