Happy first of Marchhh! I haven’t posted very often recently as I try and keep up with the flow of college but I thought I’d share a new style of poetry that I’ve been finding so meaningful and touching recently – spiritual!  Here’s one I wrote quick, as I recently have been getting back into writing as a way of expressing my  search for personal spirituality 😀


Awaitening the divine fate of my beloved’s regal presence,

Minute tears emerge from my inner core’s blazing thirst for revival,

Upon hearing the faint melody of a noble pledge,

My heart shudders at the sudden excursion into the wilderness,

My single clots of blood seek refuge in the striking of all verities,

To confirm that mercy has finally come.

I tried to keep it short and sweet 🙂 This was just a quick post, I’ll be posting more often soon

Thanks for reading, don’t forget to like and follow for more, and let me know your thoughts x

Bushra x

TWITTER: @BushraSpeaks | https://twitter.com/BushraSpeaks


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