20160409_131320Yesterday, hundreds of school pupils attended a day of musical performances, motivational speeches and talks in order to set us off for the BIG STOP 2016 held at the Athena in Leicester, which aims to motivate young people to commit to social action in their respective communities, working on a national basis and aiming to inspire young people to become world leaders and to not only aid their own communities, but to look far and beyond towards the difference they can make to the global community. We got to hear many inspiring stories and words from activists such as Tammana Miah on racism, bullying and discrimination, as well as hear performances from the likes of Vikesh Champaneri from The Voice 2015, Gabz from Britain’s Got Talent, with her incredibly catchy ‘lighters’ and my favourite, Lydia Unsudimi. Simply hearing the amount some of the talents had achieved was motivational itself, especially hearing from some campaigners and activists who had worked with international activists such as Malala Youzafzai, and made a difference both locally and nationally and even internationally. We’re all set to begin our individual campaigns to truly make a difference. We’re in our early stages so watch this space! 😉 The new generation SHALL become the new world leaders, pushing for unity, justice and peace! x


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