Summer’s here – at least for now in the UK! There was a major heatwave recently with the hottest day of the year here! Many girls don’t like the idea of heavy layers of makeup on their face during the heat and so here are 5 of my super affordable, drugstore makeup buys for this summer! All available in Superdrug with links below 🙂   This post, like all others are never sponsored and all opinions are my own  🙂IMG_20160722_153142

1) Collection: Colour Lash Mascara in ‘Clear’, £1.99

This is a great alternative to your daily black/brown/coloured mascara which can not only mess up in the heat, but feel quite thick on your lashes. This is an alternative which is lighter, clearer, uplifting and also conditioning for your lashes!

2) Witch: Naturally Clear Concealer – £3.79

I’ve never heard of this brand until recently, when I found this stick concealer online, which I love as they’re more convenient for me. It’s got quite a small shape which makes it good for getting under your eye, and quite pigmented, too, so great at covering up blemishes/redness far better than some other stick concealers out there!

3) Nivea: Daily Essentials | Tinted Moisturising Day Cream – £3.65

I love, LOVE this product for summer and have been using it for years! I have been using Nivea’s day creams throughout the year, though this one is great in the sense that it has a slight tint suitable for all skin types which gives you  an extra glow, without the need of anything extra AND has an SPF15! Perfect for summer!

4) Baby Lips: 17 Grapefruit Zing | Limited edition – £2.99

I use babylips so often, as they provide great moisture to the lips, with many having a beautiful and effortless tint to accommodate. This one is limited edition with an AMAZING smell and beautiful pink tint! They are also the exact same price for the ones that are not limited edition! Great to quickly put on during summer!

5) MUA Pro Base: Prime and Conceal in Green – £2—Green/p/408502

I’ve heard amazing things about green concealers so naturally had to try one! Not only is this one super cheap, but SO creamy and therefore so easy to apply! It’s great to reduce redness as you can easily put on as much as you want to suit your required level of coverage. There are also loads of other coloured concealers available in this range on Superdrug’s website to suit your blemish type.

Thanks for reading, let me know what products you use over summer  🙂

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