From an outsider point of view, it seems irrational and crazy that so many people want to vote for Donald Trump for the President of the USA. With the election coming up so soon with two candidates who – let’s face it – so many aren’t exactly thrilled about, the American democracy seems flawed. But if you do vote for Trump’s so called policies, (he doesn’t seem to have any) prospects seem worse. He probably wouldn’t pass half of his loose-policies-based-on-feeding-voters-hatred, but you’d still have him as the figure head of The United States of America. Donald Trump, chief diplomat. Donald Trump, commander in chief. Please, let’s not go on.

Let’s unpick some of his silly statements.

Donald Trump talks to the press after re

Probably one of the most famous ‘ I, Donald J Trump, call for a total and compete shutdown on Muslims entering the United States until we figure out what the hell is going on’

Being your doctors, teachers, lawyers, diplomats, taxpayers is what’s going on. No seriously, what about your 3 million Muslim citizens living in the United States, many of whom are natural born citizens or converts? Do you want to ban all 1.6 billion Muslims? I mean, I was planning a holiday but I guess I’ll wait until a new President rocks up. A statement like that is dangerous to the many, many mindless voters who see the rise of extremism as a black and white issue which will be solved by isolating the very people who are just as affected by it. Genius plan, Trump.

‘Mexico are sending people that have lots of problems, and they are bringing those problems to us. They are bringing drugs, and bringing crime, and their rapists’

Do the problems include the fact that many are willing to do jobs far cheaper than Americans are willing to? And Mexicans are a diverse group of people, not to mention the largest immigrant group in the US. Many come to the US in search of a better life, embodying the American dream spirit. Rapists, drug users and criminals don’t come with labels. The so called ‘wall’ sounds dreamy. How would it be regulated?  At first, I thought it was another one of his ways to entice the public but it is an ACTUAL POLICY in his manifesto. Lord.

And also, probably the most frightening is his stance on nuclear weapons. His clueless persistence to a foreign policy expert on the use of them is crazy.

‘If we have nuclear weapons, why can’t we use them?’

Well, Trump, it’s highly unlikely that the Secretary of Defense, an expert in the effects of nuclear weapons will authorize the claim of someone with none. It should be highly alarming to the US public that a potential President is speaking of pushing the button like it’s some normal daily ritual. The impact if used is quite obviously going to be detrimental, as seen in Hiroshima and Nagasaki, where it’s still felt today. Once one is used in the modern era, I’d wish the world farewell.

Personally I can’t see any credible policies. The closest it gets is on trade reforms, which seem pretty bleak if you’re going to insult half the worlds nations. Why are policies not focusing on domestic issues with realistic proposals? Extremism for example is not going to be solved by banning a quarter of the world’s population. What about thehorrendous police brutality? Gun control?

Many Trump fans have claimed it is none of the world’s business who they elect. That seems quite contradictory considering half of Trump’s policies not only involve the rest of the world, but the fact that the US remains by far the country who is involved with so many countries business for the rest of the world to sit back and act like the US is back in it’s isolationist mode. When one potential President candidate has caused so much controversy and backlash throughout the world, American voters should take it as a warning light as to what may be the future of diplomatic relations. Don’t be misled.

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    • Bless you, it must be crazy! The next generation need to reverse his rhetoric as it’s those who least support him which is promising. It’s sad because the rational citizens of the US would suffer the most under him 😦

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