This year has been extremely eventful, with many moments of historical significance, joy


Christmas Tree in front of the Haymarket Memorial Clock Tower in Leicester, England

and grief. There have been instances where the world has felt more divided and tense than ever, as well as rare moments of global unity. More recently, considering the climate of terrorism and political upheaval, which has really revealed itself this year, Christmas will be tough for many this year. My heart goes out particularly to these people. I pray for my persecuted Christian brothers and sisters worldwide, who attach a very different significance and love for their faith than many of us can imagine. It keeps them going despite civil war and ongoing political crises which denies them the chance to truly celebrate with passion. Even in the most prosperous nations on Earth, thousands remain homeless on the streets during the winter season, with many more living in poverty.

As you celebrate this joyous festival, let us keep those in suffering in our prayers and enter 2017 with courage, spirit, passion and determination to strive for equality, justice, hope and love everywhere.

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The Rise of the Far Right: Brexit, Trump and Nationalism

2016 has so far been one crazy year. And revolutionary in the context of global politics. Britain chose to leave the European Union in June and Americans, this month, elected Donald Trump, the Republican candidate for President of the United States.

So much of the media focus has been on the events themselves, such as the implications faragetrump-640x400.pngof the vote, whether it will be a hard or soft Brexit as well as the effects of a divisive, outspoken President as leader of the ‘free world’. While Presidents can be restricted and the terms of the leaving of the EU negotiated, we can’t deny the shocking reality of the climate of politics that the campaign focuses have shown the world. Why are the words of Marine le Pen of the National Front in France and Donald Trump’s rhetoric gaining credibility with an overwhelming sector of society?

It can’t be denied that people have legitimate concerns such as the rise of terrorism and fear of the near future. But we fail to look at the bigger picture. We fail to realise that while we absolutely should be concerned about ensuring the prosperity and stability of the nation, we can’t deny the huge influence the US and the UK have collaboratively on the rest of the world. It doesn’t help to make sweeping statements such as calling for a ban/registry of Muslims (or whatever Trump has changed it to since) or blaming the influx of Syrian refugees as the whole cause of the collapse of society. Immigration is undoubtedly a vote swayer yet has been so viciously manipulated, that people are forgetting the deep rooted problems which have existed far beyond this. The shrewdness of  far right politicians, who fail to address the real reasons for the state of the economy instead blame it on the next person, yet are unable to come up with a potential solution.

It’s easy for people like Trump to want rid of Obamacare but not addressing what it will be replaced with. His sudden call for ‘unity’ is a very different nature to what got him elected, which attracted the likes of KKK members and far right supremacists. Many sincere voters voted for Brexit, though it was also manipulated by some to spout their twisted, fascist agendas of dislike of difference. This re-iterates the fact that many right wing politicians, who are gaining such a widespread platform are a symptom of the ingrained hatred that some are being manipulated to feel anger against minorities, immigrants, the LGBT community and even woman.

We have to look beyond what divides us because it’s simply wrong to make complex and genuine issues into black and white ones in which it’s ‘them’ vs ‘us’. Excluding whole sectors of society from discussion doesn’t help solve these problems. Nor does falling for the trap of the apparent ‘saviours’ from the establishment – two rich, older White males posing for a picture in a golden elevator. Many adore them because they have a false misconception that they are straight talking and apparently say it how it is. Okay, but in theory, what can they realistically do? Not much without violating basic principles of humanity. We are not going to get £350m extra for the NHS by leaving the EU. Many Europeans will already have the right to remain in the UK, and ironically, many work for sectors like the NHS and the educational sector. Donald Trump has already gone back on his claims that he will passionately build a wall on the Mexican border, instead now settling for a fence. Yet many voters voted on these grounds. So not only have many been played, but have been exposed for their hateful agenda which will destroy the foundations of the world if used by politicians to gain popularity.

We live in a globalised world where it is not about one country or the other, but about one people. We all have our own interests, but did we ever think about the greater good? The far right slam this conception by labelling you as a ‘liberal’, which is hardly an insult if that means you value the dignity and freedom of all to live in harmony and safety regardless of race, religion, beliefs, gender, disability, sexual orientation or any other artificial differences which have for far too long been used to divide people. Groups of people need to stop be being used as brownie points or bargaining chips by self-centred political extremists, disguised as a mainstream politician. Rant over. #SPREADLOVE

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Ever lack the drive to just get on with life? Here are some invaluable quotes:

‘Build your own dreams. Or someone will hire you to build theirs’ – Farrah Gray

‘Two roads diverged in a wood, and I took the one less travelled by. That has made all the difference’ – Robert Frost  inspiration-secrets-to-surviving-anything

‘Become the kind of leader that people would follow voluntarily – even if you had no title or position’ – Brian Tracy

‘People will say you’re going the wrong way when it’s simply a way of your own’ – Angelina Jolie

‘A goal without a plan is just a wish’

‘The greatest problem with aiming too low is that you will reach it’

‘Successful people never fear failure; it is what ignites their passion further’

‘If you look at what you have in life, you’ll always have more. If you look at what you don’t have, you’ll never have enough’ – Oprah Winfrey

‘Too many people die chasing the wrong destiny’

‘If it were easy, everyone would be doing it’

Let me know some of your top motivational life quotes!

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From an outsider point of view, it seems irrational and crazy that so many people want to vote for Donald Trump for the President of the USA. With the election coming up so soon with two candidates who – let’s face it – so many aren’t exactly thrilled about, the American democracy seems flawed. But if you do vote for Trump’s so called policies, (he doesn’t seem to have any) prospects seem worse. He probably wouldn’t pass half of his loose-policies-based-on-feeding-voters-hatred, but you’d still have him as the figure head of The United States of America. Donald Trump, chief diplomat. Donald Trump, commander in chief. Please, let’s not go on.

Let’s unpick some of his silly statements.

Donald Trump talks to the press after re

Probably one of the most famous ‘ I, Donald J Trump, call for a total and compete shutdown on Muslims entering the United States until we figure out what the hell is going on’

Being your doctors, teachers, lawyers, diplomats, taxpayers is what’s going on. No seriously, what about your 3 million Muslim citizens living in the United States, many of whom are natural born citizens or converts? Do you want to ban all 1.6 billion Muslims? I mean, I was planning a holiday but I guess I’ll wait until a new President rocks up. A statement like that is dangerous to the many, many mindless voters who see the rise of extremism as a black and white issue which will be solved by isolating the very people who are just as affected by it. Genius plan, Trump.

‘Mexico are sending people that have lots of problems, and they are bringing those problems to us. They are bringing drugs, and bringing crime, and their rapists’

Do the problems include the fact that many are willing to do jobs far cheaper than Americans are willing to? And Mexicans are a diverse group of people, not to mention the largest immigrant group in the US. Many come to the US in search of a better life, embodying the American dream spirit. Rapists, drug users and criminals don’t come with labels. The so called ‘wall’ sounds dreamy. How would it be regulated?  At first, I thought it was another one of his ways to entice the public but it is an ACTUAL POLICY in his manifesto. Lord.

And also, probably the most frightening is his stance on nuclear weapons. His clueless persistence to a foreign policy expert on the use of them is crazy.

‘If we have nuclear weapons, why can’t we use them?’

Well, Trump, it’s highly unlikely that the Secretary of Defense, an expert in the effects of nuclear weapons will authorize the claim of someone with none. It should be highly alarming to the US public that a potential President is speaking of pushing the button like it’s some normal daily ritual. The impact if used is quite obviously going to be detrimental, as seen in Hiroshima and Nagasaki, where it’s still felt today. Once one is used in the modern era, I’d wish the world farewell.

Personally I can’t see any credible policies. The closest it gets is on trade reforms, which seem pretty bleak if you’re going to insult half the worlds nations. Why are policies not focusing on domestic issues with realistic proposals? Extremism for example is not going to be solved by banning a quarter of the world’s population. What about thehorrendous police brutality? Gun control?

Many Trump fans have claimed it is none of the world’s business who they elect. That seems quite contradictory considering half of Trump’s policies not only involve the rest of the world, but the fact that the US remains by far the country who is involved with so many countries business for the rest of the world to sit back and act like the US is back in it’s isolationist mode. When one potential President candidate has caused so much controversy and backlash throughout the world, American voters should take it as a warning light as to what may be the future of diplomatic relations. Don’t be misled.

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My Response to the BURKINI BAN!

Many innocent civilians in Europe and beyond have lost their lives tragically to the rising trend of extremism in the name of my faith. Time and time again, some of these terrorists have been let off the radar and given free reign to carry out their twisted agenda. And burkini-blur.jpgFrance’s response? Ban the burkini. Well, anything that doesn’t respect ‘good customs and secularism’, which is clearly open to interpretation, as seen recently with woman who are simply wearing a headscarf with leggings and a top FINED, something I’d wear myself – not because I’m being forced or ‘oppressed’, but because I simply don’t feel comfortable to show my body on the beach – why is that such a problem? Is it really necessary for the state to dictate one’s choice of clothing at a beach, or an armed male police officer to ask a woman to reduce her clothing at a beach? I find it hard to believe that they are in any way ‘threatening’, but rather an easy way to cause misconception, as if there isn’t enough already.

Argument one: They are extreme, and can be used to conceal weapons by terrorists.

Well first of all, good luck finding a terrorist wearing what is pretty much a wet suit, when they are in fact ALSO shamed by extremist organisations as inappropriate, let alone even being okay with woman on a beach. Also, it’s ironic that they were designed to allow Muslim woman, or in fact any woman who chooses not to wear a bikini on the beach more freedom to swim/play/chill on the beach without feeling uncomfortable. If terrorists want to harm others, then a burkini ban will not stop them and not only will rather empower their already twisted motives but needlessly deter and isolate perfectly moderate woman the chance to use the beaches. Politics has already poisoned faith, why is it being bought to beaches as well?

Argument two: “It is the expression of a political project, a counter-society, based notably on the enslavement of women.”, according to Manuel Valls, the French PM.

So exposing your body, according to the PM is the ONLY way to not be enslaved?  If the problem is with the burkini, which is merely a choice of swimwear, just like the bikini, then why are woman in full clothing also being fined? What is clearly misunderstood is the idea that the burkini is oppressive when it is actually revolutionary, as for the first time, practicing Muslim woman can have the same sense of freedom and enjoyment on the beach. If anything, it is the very opposite of enslavement. It is certainly far more daring than the restrictions on woman’s swimwear enforced by police not too long ago in Europe. It is also banned and frowned upon in many Muslim societies, such as in Iran. Why? Because it is seen as too REVEALING!

Argument three: ‘It is our laws which should be respected as I couldn’t wear this in (insert conservative Muslim society here)’

This argument always makes me cringe the most. First of all, yes, in many conservative societies you won’t really attract foreigners in the first place, but in top tourist destinations you are generally free to wear a bikini on the beach. But secondly, often those countries have very conservative cultural norms and human rights issues, and don’t often boast: Freedom, equality and fraternity. And most importantly, the woman wearing these on French soil are fully French citizens that may happen to be Muslim so why associate them with countries they have no association with?  A country claiming to be based on secular principles and freedom should surely disassociate from societies of such? If not, then what difference is there in obligatory clothing in Iran (the wearing of the headscarf) and the removal of clothing in France?

Once again, we have huge issues in the world, particularly with the rise of global terrorism and mass violation of human rights…. and law enforcement are being wasted to tell a woman she cannot cover her body on the beach.

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Terrorism in 2016 #NotInMyName

I thought I’d make a post showing solidarity with the victims of not only the recent attacks in Iraq, Bangladesh, the United States, Syria, Saudi Arabia, Turkey and France, but in the rest of the world, where more terror attacks than the media has shown us have occurred simply in 2016. Amongst those who have been victims this year include: Somalia, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Yemen, Egypt, Israel, Gaza, Syria, Nigeria, Russia, Libya, Tunisia, Thailand, Sudan, India, Congo, Burundi, Germany, Bahrain, Niger.

I’m in no doubt that there are far more countries that have experienced some form of loss as a result of heartless souls who turn to terrorism to fulfill their twisted agendas. I don’t want to even think about the number of deaths and causalities they have amounted to over the years. Just reading the list of countries makes me so upset, as this is only referring to 2016, where terror attacks or some form of disruption caused by humans seems to have become the norm, which is so sad for the future generation to grow up in.notinmyname

The list of countries who have suffered just goes to show that no place is truly safe from these attacks, and while some countries have suffered considerably more, particularly where terrorism is far more normal than in the West, every single life lost is a tragedy, no matter their race, religion or background. Terrorism on any grounds is repulsive, whether it be for political or religious justifications. It has always horrified me that terror groups such as IS, who, in my disgust, pleasantly take responsibility for many of these attacks, having no clear regard for humanity.

While words won’t make a major difference in undoing the endless pain that the families of the victims will continue to suffer from their losses, I think it’s important to let the world know that the vast majority of Muslims stand with you in horror at their barbarism and solidarity always, as they continuously to target indiscriminately, killing both Muslims and non Muslims alike. The very thought that God demands the death of his people is absolutely absurd – their so called ‘jihad’ refers to a just war in a battlefield, with serving soldiers, NOT civilians. They continue to use religion as a scapegoat for some of their politicized aims which is why this sudden surge of the trend of ‘Islamism’ is on it’s rise. As so called ‘Muslims’, they have broken every rule of God.

As opposed to  feeding to the stereotypes and misunderstandings that occur, ALL good people, no matter their caste or creed must unite to defeat this phenomenon of terrorism, which has been seen to occur from lone wolf attacks to being part of a larger network, from terrorists of completely different backgrounds, such as in Bangladesh with the shooting of foreigners at a popular cafe in Dhaka, where the attackers were found to be very rich, and in other instances where some were not religious at all. Whatever the reasoning, terrorism is terrorism and we MUST fight it together before it continues it’s gains in a divided society.

#NotInMyName #PrayForHumanity

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As you can probably tell by my previous post, ever since I bought a mason jar, I’ve become obsessed with making smoothies as they look so good in them! It’s a great way to add some fruit into your daily diet, and also make amazing breakfast smoothies! Here’s the recipe for this amazing combo:

All you need is (to make 1 serving):            IMG_20160710_170441.jpg

One mango

One banana

A splash of milk

A tablespoon or two of double (or single) cream

You could also try some ice to make it extra summery!

Simply chop everything to make it easy to blend, before blending them all together! Then pour into a glass and enjoy! 😉

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