No7 Beautiful Skin Collection Review

Today marks 3 years of blogging with WordPress! :0 Coincidentally I’ve decided to review Boot’s (British pharmacy) own No7 ‘Beautiful Skin’ collection for all you skin lovers out img_20170113_175706there! This was reduced to only £7 after Christmas, and includes five of their skin products in sample sizes. I’ve never used No7 Skincare but definitely focus more on skincare that makeup, so had to try it! You can view it here:

No7 Beautiful Skin Overnight Revitalising Eye Balm (15ml):

I mainly bought this set because I wanted to try an eye balm for my dark under eye circles. In this set you’re given the full size for only a fraction of the price! It is a very soft gel which I use under my eyes before bed, and it’s definitely soothing. It has mixed reviews on the website and I can see why. While it applies without irritation for me at least, I haven’t noticed any major difference. Maybe this could change after weeks of usage; I’ll have to see. However, for the retail price of £12, I most likely won’t purchase it again.

No7 Beautiful Skin Day/Night Creams (25ml) each:

I definitely thought the full set was worth buying just for these! 25ml is quite generous considering the full sizes are 50ml and they were highly moisturising, especially the night cream. Like the eye balm, it was very soothing and comfortable on the skin, especially as I have quite dry skin.  It really helps with hydration, leaving me with baby soft skin and the day one also has an Spf of 15! They left no irritation in comparison to other creams, and they definitely seemed tailored perfectly for their title – beautiful skin.

No7 Beautiful Skin Radiance Exfoliator (15ml):

This is perfect to compliment your daily facial wash. I use Neutrogena’s Spot and Stress Control facial scrub on a daily basis, and now use this once/twice a week in addition which reveals smoother and brighter looking skin as it claims, especially as you use it over a couple of weeks. You can definitely notice it’s effects as it leaves you with beautiful skin even without any moisturiser afterwards!

No7 Beautiful Skin Cleansing Lotion (30ml):

I don’t usually use cleansing lotions to remove makeup. I’ve tried a couple but didn’t find them convenient with removing it. This one was incredibly soft and moisturising on the skin, while aiding in removing makeup. It’s great on the skin, but I found it slightly stung as I attempted to remove eye makeup in comparison to skin makeup. It wasn’t a major problem, but it is the same problem I have with a lot of them and so for the original retail price, other than the fact that it doubles as a great moisturiser, I wouldn’t say it’s much different from less pricier ones!

Thanks for reading, let me know if you’ve tried any other products!

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Summer’s here – at least for now in the UK! There was a major heatwave recently with the hottest day of the year here! Many girls don’t like the idea of heavy layers of makeup on their face during the heat and so here are 5 of my super affordable, drugstore makeup buys for this summer! All available in Superdrug with links below 🙂   This post, like all others are never sponsored and all opinions are my own  🙂IMG_20160722_153142

1) Collection: Colour Lash Mascara in ‘Clear’, £1.99

This is a great alternative to your daily black/brown/coloured mascara which can not only mess up in the heat, but feel quite thick on your lashes. This is an alternative which is lighter, clearer, uplifting and also conditioning for your lashes!

2) Witch: Naturally Clear Concealer – £3.79

I’ve never heard of this brand until recently, when I found this stick concealer online, which I love as they’re more convenient for me. It’s got quite a small shape which makes it good for getting under your eye, and quite pigmented, too, so great at covering up blemishes/redness far better than some other stick concealers out there!

3) Nivea: Daily Essentials | Tinted Moisturising Day Cream – £3.65

I love, LOVE this product for summer and have been using it for years! I have been using Nivea’s day creams throughout the year, though this one is great in the sense that it has a slight tint suitable for all skin types which gives you  an extra glow, without the need of anything extra AND has an SPF15! Perfect for summer!

4) Baby Lips: 17 Grapefruit Zing | Limited edition – £2.99

I use babylips so often, as they provide great moisture to the lips, with many having a beautiful and effortless tint to accommodate. This one is limited edition with an AMAZING smell and beautiful pink tint! They are also the exact same price for the ones that are not limited edition! Great to quickly put on during summer!

5) MUA Pro Base: Prime and Conceal in Green – £2—Green/p/408502

I’ve heard amazing things about green concealers so naturally had to try one! Not only is this one super cheap, but SO creamy and therefore so easy to apply! It’s great to reduce redness as you can easily put on as much as you want to suit your required level of coverage. There are also loads of other coloured concealers available in this range on Superdrug’s website to suit your blemish type.

Thanks for reading, let me know what products you use over summer  🙂

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Top Beauty Products for Spring

Spring has finally arrived which is probably my favourite month as it’s not too cold or hot! The weather recently has been a bit mixed in England, but that doesn’t mean you can’t start bringing out the more spring-y beauty products!


IMG_20160328_210714This is one of my main and favourite products from Nivea and one that I buy every year for the Spring/Summer period.I love how it’s not even from a ‘makeup’ brand but rather a widely known skin brand which many people are familiar with. This particular cream is a light tinted moisturiser which is always a good alternative from thicker foundations (which I never wear but there are many who do) and not only is it universal in that it is suitable for all skin types/tones, but it has an SPF of 15 which is ideal for the odd and unpredictable sunshine here and there like in the UK currently, and for the eventual summer period, especially when it’s not blazing hot but you still want some skin protection. It applies like a typical daily moisturiser and not only feels just as light on the skin, but the slight pigmentation gives you a beautiful and natural glow, especially when your skin is hit by the sun. Great for those summer selfies 😉 The price is also great and super affordable at less than £3.65/50ml and is currently on sale at Superdrug for less! It’s definitely worth buying for this year!–


This mascara is only £2.99 and is a cheap, lash defining mascara which is most importantly WATERPROOF which is definitely required for the upcoming heat! Check out my full review on this from last month:


And finally… baby lipss!! I remember last year when these were the obsession throughout summer by many. Though it is a love it or hate it product, I love the fact that it’s a fun packaged lip balm with an amazing smell and tint, with the feeling of ultra moisturisation in hot, sticky weather! My favourites are Pink Punch and Cherry Me 😀 They are usually £2.99 each.


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My Daily Skincare Routine!

Tonight I thought I’d do a post simply highlighting all the products I use throughout the day on my skin, as well as what I use occasionally. I’ve been lucky enough to not have ever had any major skin breakouts, and these products are drugstore and affordable, yet are the secret behind what I have been using for years!


NEUTROGENA FACE WASH: £3-4/150ml I remember this brand being my first ever face wash in ‘pink  grapefruit’ and I have always used this brand to this day! It lasts ages, and I love the fact that there are micro pearls which ensure your skin is genuinely being cleansed properly and stripped of pores/blemishes. I always use this first thing in the morning to simply refresh my skin and after I’ve removed any makeup at the end of the day to fully cleanse it and strip it of any impurities from throughout the day.  Click here to see my full review last year on them!

NIVEA DAY AND NIGHT CREAMS: £3.99/50ml I use loads of products by Nivea as I find they are extremely moisturising considering I have really dry skin at times but are also so affordable! When I was younger I used to always use their trademark blue tub, and it’s kept my skin so soft, yet now use the day and night cream simply because of the SPF benefits, and extra qualities which are helpful for teenage skin, such as skin balance and intense moisturisation.

NIVEA EXPRESS HYDRATION PRIMER: £4.99/50ml I love, love, LOVE this cream! I initially bought it as I’d never really used any for of ‘primer’ but have found it to not only be great underneath makeup for a smooth, sheer application, but just on its own for smoother, clearer skin! A pea sized amount is enough for your entire face and skin, and it has become a part of my daily routine.

SIMPLE KIND TO SKIN TONER: £2-3/200ml After removing any makeup, I always use a toner to remove any excess and to balance out my skin complexion over time. It definitely has worked over the past few months and I especially love the Simple toner as it is genuinely kind to your skin! It literally feels like water, considering I have sensitive skin, and has worked way better than any other toners, such as Garnier which I find irritates my skin.

VASELINE: £1 This is a lifetime favourite which I not only find works every time on dry lips, but I also coat it onto my lashes after showers or before bed as it apparently strengthens/lengthens lashes, and I also smooth it under my eyes inwards to reduce sagging bags over time and dark circles!

And finally, on occasion, usually once a week, I’ll use a face mask, typically from Montagne Jeunesse to fully hydrate my skin after a week of college/environmental influences. Click here for reviews on the ones I use!

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LUSH REVIEW: Old Father Time Soap!

Today’s post will be on the Old Father Time soap which I bought on the Boxing Day sales where some soaps were half price and so this one cost around £2.50 for about 150g – total bargain! It is one of their Christmas

specials for this year and it definitely is one of the most beautiful and coolest soaps from the few I’ve purchased from Lush in the past year, and so I have been using since I purchased it. It’s hard to keep away from Lush!

Price: £3.50/100g – A bargain for what it offers!

For a start, although this is not to do with the soap itself, there’s something so satisfying and appealing about Lush’ paper packaging of each individual product!

As always, Lush’ bar of soaps are always such a nice feeling, with an amazing formula, often smothered in natural ingredients which is a plus. This one is 100% vegan, with natural ingredients such as coconut, rapeseed and rosewood oil, which seems to make application all the more soothing and perfect for sensitive skin, leaving your skin so soft! I feel like it has an instant calming effect, especially after a long day which I’ve found as a common asset of all Lush soaps! This scent is very herbal and festive, with sweet undertones. it’s unlike most soaps which are usually either quite fruity/zesty or overly herbal which I don’t really like so this is the perfect compromise!

This particular soap looks amazing! In terms of looks, which attracted me initially to this soap over others, it looks phenomenal, unlike a typical soap. It’s infused with a sort of mystical look, with a blur of colours. It has tones of blue and green swirling over each other with golden blocks, and an imprinted sun on the other side of the soap. It’s almost a work of art; it’s very creative!

It’s no surprise this isn’t available all year. It’s one of the best! I would definitely recommend it!

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Beauty/Skincare Favourites of 2015 Under £5!

So another year has almost come to an end and once again has flown by so quick! To sum up the year in terms of some of the products I’ve continuously used throughout the year and found most beneficial, here are some of my top beauty favourites, all bought under £5 and so are all very affordable:


These are both by Nivea, available from most good drugstores and are part of the Daily Essentials Collection. They are the Sensitive Night Cream and the Express Hydration Primer and cost around £3-4.  These have been used throughout the year and have kept my skin soft and smooth with their formulas. The night cream is used before bed and helps with redness and dryness whereas the hydration primer can be used as a ‘day cream’ on it’s own or underneath makeup. I use it for both and have found it to be better than the actual day cream as it’s very sheer and such a small amount is needed for the whole face and neck!


SOAP AND GLORY: THE RIGHTEOUS BUTTER – This cost £3 and is great after the shower and has such a smooth and thick formula with an amazing scent! I actually bought this on Boxing Day 2014 and the review was my first post of 2015! Since then, it’s been a fave.  For a full review click here:


20151228_115725QUICK FIX FACIALS – These are sold as a  wide range in Boots (UK drugstore) for £4.99 each  so you can choose according to your skin type. I have dry skin so bought this one. They are designed to be used as a gel on the face and washable in five minutes so are very convenient if you don’t have the time for a full face mask. It says it can last 10 applications but for me it has lasted many more! It is ideal to use regularly! For a full review on this with other face masks click here:

AVON SUPERSHOCK GEL EYELINER: This eyeliner by Avon cost £3 and has been my favourite and I have found it to be way better than pencil or felt top liners. It simply lasts much longer and the application comes out bold with one line, as shown in the swatch, without the need for going over it.




MUA HIDE & CONCEAL – This concealer by MUA is only £1!!! It is applied in an easy stick form and I have found this to be far more high in coverage than some higher priced liquid concealers. There are only 3 shades to choose from but at £1 its a bargain and perfect for students. You can see other MUA concealers, including the felt tip and liquid ones in my review here:




NEUTROGENA VISIBLY CLEAR GENTLE EXFOLIATING FACE WASH – Neutrogena have some of the best face washes in my opinion, with something for everyone and all under £5. This one was on sale at £2.50 and retails at £3-4. I’ve used the Pink Grapefruit one before too, and it was just as good. I use it every day and it has kept my skin free of any major spots or blemishes! Check out my full review on this amazing product –

Thank you for reading, these were just some of many great products I have discovered this year. Let me know what products you’ve loved this year and don’t forget to like, follow and share if you enjoyed for more!

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Boxing Day Sales Haul 2015

I hope all of you who celebrated Christmas had a happy and fulfilling day! This year, the boxing day sales in Leicester had better clothing in my opinion but not as good in beauty/makeup products! I only bought a few things which were enough for a haul and from shops that surprised me with their products as they were far better with more variety than high end stores! Next had a huge queue as every Boxing Day morning does and surprisingly I walked out with nothing, despite the hype. But anyway, here’s the  things I did buy:


LUSH had a huge half price sale on bath bombs and selected soaps and so I bought one of their Christmas specials ‘Old Father Time’ which cost only £2.32 🙂



BOOTS – The Garnier Micellar Cleansing water has always had fairly positive reviews and so I wanted to try it and it was only £1 for 125ml which is the travel size 🙂



These were some cosy essentials! The left is a comfortable light blanket, perfect for watching movies and was reduced from £10 to £2 at Superdrug and on the right is a pair of pyjamas from Primark for £3 – something I buy every year!


I bought a few tops/jumpers which by coincidence are all greys/blacks!

Primark also had a huge sale surprisingly and I saw clothes I’d never seen before! I bought a silver, frosted jumper, a grey shirt and a warm, plain black woolly cardigan, all reduced to £5 🙂

I also bought a couple of casual tops from BHS as they are normally pricey but of good quality! The left one is a white linen plain tee for £4 and a stripy tee for £3 and on the right is a striped sheer jumper/top that was £5!


Deichman had a huge half price sale on all their shoes and I wanted some flats so I got these navy ones with a cute bow for £7.49!





That was just a quick show of what I bought on the Boxing Day Sales, which wasn’t as much as last year, but what I was looking for! Let me know how the sales went in your city and what you bought 😀

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