Love Knows No Borders

love-knows-no-bordersI discovered the #LoveHasNoBorders on Twitter where interracial families, friends and couples are sharing their stories. In light of the upsetting xenophobia which has been pushed forward particularly by the far right, who fail to understand that every story has it’s own human face and merits, I thought this quick post was fitting.

As the world gets smaller, borders seem to be getting unfairly discriminatory towards people who just want to live, love and not have to face the horrendous attitude and prejudices towards immigrants at the moment. Borders are superficial, but the emotions created by treating someone without dignity are real. As I said, every story has a human face. People migrate to new countries all the time for many reasons whether that be for work, refuge or to join family. And through that journey there is love, hardships and potential fear, especially if leaving a dangerous country to seek refuge. Compassion does not have to mean accepting anyone anywhere at anytime without any form of criteria, but it does mean respecting that fundamentally we are all human, and fear of a minority group should not overtake our solidarity and desire to offer support to those who need it most. 

Let us build bridges, not walls and understand that we all have far more in common than our differences. Nationality is determined by a piece of paper but how you treat those who are different to you can never be bought.


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Terrorism in 2016 #NotInMyName

I thought I’d make a post showing solidarity with the victims of not only the recent attacks in Iraq, Bangladesh, the United States, Syria, Saudi Arabia, Turkey and France, but in the rest of the world, where more terror attacks than the media has shown us have occurred simply in 2016. Amongst those who have been victims this year include: Somalia, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Yemen, Egypt, Israel, Gaza, Syria, Nigeria, Russia, Libya, Tunisia, Thailand, Sudan, India, Congo, Burundi, Germany, Bahrain, Niger.

I’m in no doubt that there are far more countries that have experienced some form of loss as a result of heartless souls who turn to terrorism to fulfill their twisted agendas. I don’t want to even think about the number of deaths and causalities they have amounted to over the years. Just reading the list of countries makes me so upset, as this is only referring to 2016, where terror attacks or some form of disruption caused by humans seems to have become the norm, which is so sad for the future generation to grow up in.notinmyname

The list of countries who have suffered just goes to show that no place is truly safe from these attacks, and while some countries have suffered considerably more, particularly where terrorism is far more normal than in the West, every single life lost is a tragedy, no matter their race, religion or background. Terrorism on any grounds is repulsive, whether it be for political or religious justifications. It has always horrified me that terror groups such as IS, who, in my disgust, pleasantly take responsibility for many of these attacks, having no clear regard for humanity.

While words won’t make a major difference in undoing the endless pain that the families of the victims will continue to suffer from their losses, I think it’s important to let the world know that the vast majority of Muslims stand with you in horror at their barbarism and solidarity always, as they continuously to target indiscriminately, killing both Muslims and non Muslims alike. The very thought that God demands the death of his people is absolutely absurd – their so called ‘jihad’ refers to a just war in a battlefield, with serving soldiers, NOT civilians. They continue to use religion as a scapegoat for some of their politicized aims which is why this sudden surge of the trend of ‘Islamism’ is on it’s rise. As so called ‘Muslims’, they have broken every rule of God.

As opposed to  feeding to the stereotypes and misunderstandings that occur, ALL good people, no matter their caste or creed must unite to defeat this phenomenon of terrorism, which has been seen to occur from lone wolf attacks to being part of a larger network, from terrorists of completely different backgrounds, such as in Bangladesh with the shooting of foreigners at a popular cafe in Dhaka, where the attackers were found to be very rich, and in other instances where some were not religious at all. Whatever the reasoning, terrorism is terrorism and we MUST fight it together before it continues it’s gains in a divided society.

#NotInMyName #PrayForHumanity

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Bushra x

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Education. Something that goes down like a bitter pill to most children nowadays. Understandable, as a teen. Pressure to get schoolwork done can really get you stressed and frustrated. School is seen like a major obstacle to many, and as a schoolgirl, I think it’s safe to say that at times it can be exactly that. Especially secondary. Fall-outs, drama, bullying, pressure, insecurities, worrying about flaws, worrying about what people say, what people think and sometimes forgetting weducationhy you’re genuinely in school. Your obliged to go. But it genuinely does have a deeper meaning. It’s not a punishment. All is in your favour.

It hits you at times. Why am I here? What’s the purpose? The privilege of having a free education is something extraordinary. Yet that’s not the case in many countries across the world.

Take Malala Youzafraski, a Pakistani teen shot by the Taliban for fighting for woman’s education rights. FIGHTING FOR A HUMAN RIGHT. Unfortunately, in many cultures around the world, many girls are deprived of an education. Maybe to be married off, in some cases, however many families simply cannot afford education for their children, and when you really think about it, it hits you. It’s sad.

Something practically necessary before you tread onto your hopeful future is ceased.

Though many of us teens don’t see it, we truly have to lose something sometimes to realize what we had.

Children are trapped in warfare, children are dying. Millions dream of having what in reality, not many have when you look at the bigger picture. That’s when you realise how fortunate you are.

Education is key; with it you can change lives. You can make a difference. Being blessed with a free education is honestly such a blessing, and when you truly open your eyes, you realise. Anything you want, anything you envision, anywhere you work, you need those grades.

Recent events have made me realise – one of the biggest shocks can be, no matter how much you dislike school, when you’re told you can no longer be in school. Imagine. Having something so vital taken in a flash. It can be extremely common in third world countries, when it can no longer be afforded. We take so much for granted. Granted opportunities and advantages which can genuinely be taken by the same ones who granted it to you. We don’t have complete control over our destiny. It’s like a cycle – we offer our skills, and hope they get us somewhere. Now think. Without those skills, what happens? Even with the best of the best you can’t guarantee the very best, but with hard work and determination you can make sure that you damn well put yourself at the top of the list. And get seen.

Society has such a distorted vision of what’s considered ‘cool’ and ‘acceptable’. It’s usually the latest of everything. The world can be pretty harsh. If you don’t accept a certain criteria, or match standards, you can be easily singled out. But in reality – what will get you where you want? Because I assure you it won’t be the top trends.

There are some people who prefer to waste their education by mucking about in class, and commonly, bullying others. I am for everyone having an education, and I don’t mean to be harsh, but sometimes I just wish that those who genuinely do not give a toss about their future could just hand their education over to someone who really needs it. Who cares. But that won’t happen. Which is why teachers are constantly reaching out to students to MAKE THE MOST.

The world is on the brink of corruption. You can sense the symptoms. Some use their hard earned skills and university degrees on something. Others? Given the front screen view of children dying for what they had.

Bushra xx

PS – I honestly don’t mean to sound too harsh – due to personal circumstances it just frustrated me that people were being so ignorant, that I just wanted to let my feelings out and the best way is my blog 😛 I hope to write more about this topic soon and give my opinion on current world affairs soon! x