20160409_131320Yesterday, hundreds of school pupils attended a day of musical performances, motivational speeches and talks in order to set us off for the BIG STOP 2016 held at the Athena in Leicester, which aims to motivate young people to commit to social action in their respective communities, working on a national basis and aiming to inspire young people to become world leaders and to not only aid their own communities, but to look far and beyond towards the difference they can make to the global community. We got to hear many inspiring stories and words from activists such as Tammana Miah on racism, bullying and discrimination, as well as hear performances from the likes of Vikesh Champaneri from The Voice 2015, Gabz from Britain’s Got Talent, with her incredibly catchy ‘lighters’ and my favourite, Lydia Unsudimi. Simply hearing the amount some of the talents had achieved was motivational itself, especially hearing from some campaigners and activists who had worked with international activists such as Malala Youzafzai, and made a difference both locally and nationally and even internationally. We’re all set to begin our individual campaigns to truly make a difference. We’re in our early stages so watch this space! 😉 The new generation SHALL become the new world leaders, pushing for unity, justice and peace! x


NCS Action Day in Leicester!

20160305_130956So today was an exciting day where NCS (National Citizen Service) graduates across the whole of England reunited in their individual cities to continue our journey of social action, and contributing to our community as young people through charity work projects. Leicestershire, with around 45 young people who volunteered, chose to work with Action Homeless, a charity that supports the homeless and vulnerably housed people across the city and county. We took part in the Rucksack challenge where we filled rucksacks with essentials such as warm clothing items, non perishable foods like tins and biscuits, and lots of toiletries. We begun our appeal to the Leicester public since our last youth board meeting through social media, posters in schools and colleges, and word of mouth through family and friends, and a radio appeal this morning. (You can still drop off donations at 30 Frog Island or call 0116 240 7000). Though the donations we received merely amongst ourselves was AMAZING with the potential of hundreds of bags/rucksacks to be filled. We filled around 50 yet ran out of bags but still had loads left over to donate! It was a day well spent and really showed our potential as young people to continue aiding and volunteering to help the community. You can take part in NCS and be open to amazing things like this – check out if you’re from Leicester, Leicestershire or Rutland, and for the rest of the country 😀

Check out our local news article on it:

Bushra x

Check out more of what we did on Twitter @BushraSpeaks 🙂 Let me know what you got up to if you took part in your city x




So today was an exciting day – the day of the solar eclipse, which is next set to happen in about 16 years time. That’s precisely the reason that it was raved about so much. I was during school at the time today and managed to get to the roof and snap a picture through the lenses of UV ray protection glasses. This is the shot! It does not show the total eclipse, but rather the moon settling into position, about a quarter of the way to the full eclipse! Taken in Leicester, UK, where it was predicted to be a 90% blackout. It definitely didn’t seem that dark, but there were a few clouds about! How was your viewing of the solar eclipse?

Organise Your Life! | Organisation Tips

Sometimes our brains can just get jumbled up with shedloads of work… or even half a dozen of prioritised tasks which need doing. Not always, but often, this is due to a lack of organisation in our lives. Just changing your life in one way can make life easier in a hundred ways. I have to admit that I am quite a perfectionist and a lack of organisation in my life genuinely frustrates me, especially as I endure the hard work which school life demands. I’ve picked up quite a few organisation tips which I am about to share, and they can be applied to many aspects in life! 20080619_tomorrow_to_do_list_today

1) Make a to – do list

You may or may not have heard this one as a cliche over and over again. However, believe it or not, when made properly, a to – do list can be a life saver.

I tend to think of things which must be done the next day and list them down. Prioritize longer, or more harder tasks first. Stay realistic and only do a few things that you know for certain you WILL get done! Then, if you think you can achieve more in that particular day, proceed to adding in tasks which can be started on (or completed) but are not as important for that particular day, but rather the upcoming days/week. I usually carry over incomplete or tasks which I have failed to do over to the next day, and these become the next day’s priority. (though this is usually when I’ve been a bit over-ambitious in what I can actually achieve). Remember this: One task done great is better than two done wrong.

2) Get a planner

This can be a life saver, especially if you’re job demands deadlines or has many dates to be aware of. This is always essential for school or college, to write down homework tasks or college deadlines. Make the habit of writing down things as they are said, or you are more likely to forget to meet deadlines or attend events, which can be damaging in your career or even school life.

3) Have a clear out

Though a clear out of your possessions can take a while, in the long run it’s totally worth it. Clutter will only do your head in and a clearer, spacious environment is more healthy for your brain. Maybe you could donate some possessions to charity? – it’s a double win! Only keep things you genuinely need and know you will want. Others you can donate to someone who may make better use of it rather than it lying around, contributing to clutter.

These are my very basic tips, but of course you know you best, so only you will know what will truly work and what won’t. But put your mind to it and you can achieve a stress free life through determination and the right mindset!