L’Oreal Volume Million Lashes: So Couture Mascara Review

Hi, I thought I’d post a review on this mascara as it’s one of the first products I’ve bought from L’Oreal Paris 🙂 I bought it on the way back from France on the ferry, so obviousely it was tax – free, but the RRP is: £10.99

Usage: I’ve had it for about a month, but I’ve used it for about a week.

First thoughts: There were loads of different L’Oreal Paris mascaras but I really like the purple/gold packaging on this one, and it looked quite expensive and of good quality. It was also one of their most recent mascaras, and they were all around the same price so I purchased this one. My lashes are fairly long so most mascaras don’t have much effect in terms of lengthening them so with this one I was quite surprised…The first time I PTDC0002used it, I didn’t think much of it and did not see any real effects, but as I continued the usage I applied a few more coats and from the roots which eventually gave my lashes the boost I was looking for in a mascara.

Application: I slightly curl my lashes with a lash-curler, before applying a few coats of the mascara, though even without the lash-curler’s, the effect is great.

The mascara genuinely lengthens them and gives maximum volume, unlike previous mascaras I’ve tried. The bristles are fairly short and close together, whichPTDC0001 explains why your lashes look so much more defined and voluminised, as each coat fans out your PTDC0007lashes, so each individual lash is separate, and therefore  become much more defined. People started complimenting me a lot more on my lashes with this mascara, and at times it looked like false lashes!

Verdict: If you want defined, voluminized, beautiful looking lashes, then this is worth it. Personally I probably won’t purchase it again but ONLY because at £11 it would be pricey to constantly repurchasing if I used it regularly. BUT it makes a great everyday mascara and it gets the thumbs up! ❤

Bushra xxx