An Open Letter to MP Keith Vaz

Disclaimer: While I don’t believe I am speaking for EVERY individual in the constituency of Leicester East, I do believe the confidence of many in him is drifting away.  This letter is one I have sent to him calling on his resignation. If you are a constituent of Leicester East, feel free to copy and paste the letter to send the same message to , as other’s have done.

To Keith Vaz,

We write to you in great urgency and discontent with the way our constituency of Leicester East has been portrayed due to your incompetency to run as our MP as a result of abusing your role with your many scandals and neglect of the constituency we once called home. There are numerous occasions in which you have failed us by contradicting your actions for your own benefit.  We see this has prompted your resignation in the Home Affairs committee, but as a constituency the general consensus, as seen by the many petitions and demonstrations in Leicester is that we feel the need to demand you to not dishonour our constituents wishes any further and offer your resignation. We fail to see why you have decided to withdraw from the home affairs committee but not as the MP for Leicester East. We are strong Labour supporters, however, this constant feeling of dissatisfaction has forced us to reconsider our commitment to a party which allows a candidate who constantly violates the principles that we as a constituency need now more than anything

You campaigned to remain in the EU which was the general sentiment of Leicester East constituents yet now refuse to honour the fact that the campaign was based on lies and fear mongering and will not put our voice to parliament as other Remain MP’s are passionately doing, as is clear by your vote of triggering of article 50, a clear betrayal of the wishes of Leicester East and once again, a clear contradiction of your post Brexit comment that the result was a ‘terrible day for Britain and a terrible day for Europe’. Your duty should be with the interests of your constituents who voted you in should you have forgotten. There has been no consistent presence of your desire to engage with constituents on these matters; it simply feels as if you act in accordance with the party line, and turn your back on the people who have genuinely lived, worked and stood by this constituency. It has been 30 years and we truly feel it’s time for you to respect and honour your constituents by resigning. 2020 is far too long away for Leicester East who deserve an MP with a presence beside when it suits their agenda. It seems far more appropriate to offer your resignation than to receive a further three years of discontent, which will merely echo to the emerging youth who will not have the confidence to vote for you in the next election, let alone Labour.

Many are willing to voice this desire until 2020. This will eventually be taken up with the Labour leadership. How can a liberal democracy with a clear consensus of disillusionment, discontent and shame be simply ignored? Leicester East deserves a breath of fresh air.

A Disillusioned Leicester Constituent

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I’ll be honest – for a split second I assumed Trump was probably being outrageously outspoken for the cameras and would probably realise that if elected President, he has to be a bit more diplomatic and wary of his approach. Especially in this age of fear.

Well, I can now confirm that I am not even American and feel the weight of his dangerous tactics, especially after Theresa’s May refusal to say if she condemns his stances on refugees, torture and democratic values on behalf of the British people.As Jeremy Corbyn recently tweeted, that clearly indicates that you have taken the side of the oppressor by refusing to condemn.

Some of Trump’s recent moves:

His reaction to the woman’s march and the media’s coverage of his donald-trump-grow-upInauguration’s crowd sizes: Trump needs to seriousely get over the crowd sizes dispute and accept that the protests and marches were far bigger than it. It’s worrying that a President has so much energy to put into the crowds than to listen to the legitimate concerns of many of the woman protesting in regards to woman’s reproductive rights, minority rights, disability rights and other vulnerable groups who have been demonised by Trump’s divisive election campaign and are yet to receive any reassurance that their rights will be guaranteed. Rather, Trump went straight to Twitter to slam the purpose of the march, stating that they should’ve voted and even signed an executive order soon after banning federal funding to international NGOs which can provide SAFE abortions, rather than resorting to dangerous means. I wonder what the desperation will now do to these woman.

His belief that torture such as WATERBOARDING should be permitted: This is quite clearly an ABSOLUTE violation of the human rights stated within the Geneva Conventions.  Trump states he will stick by his advisers who claim it works. It’s disgusting that the leader of the once free world cannot see through this practise and it’s implications. Firstly, it leads to the possibility of false allegations admitted to out of desperation which completely contradicts a fair trial, as seen multiple times in Guantanamo Bay. Also, what example will America set to the world by presenting the ludicrous idea that the use of torture, a barbaric practice, is permissible? It would be a slap to the US constitution at best.

The assumption that Mexico will pay for a wall on the Southern Border: If any nation, America must know the dangers of mistreating your neighbours. The Mexican President has made it clear,  that he will not pay for this wall and so Trump has no choice but to tax them for it, especially after making it clear to Mexico that the intended meeting between them should not happen if the payment of the wall cannot be agreed to. And therefore, the Mexican President cancelled it. It will therefore cost the American taxpayer billions. And increase food prices for Mexican imported goods. Oh, but screw federal funding of woman’s reproductive rights, or the medical care for those struggling to afford it.

AND MOST OUTRAGEOUSLY, Trump has executed an executive order for a total ban on citizens from Iraq, Iran, Libya, Somali, Sudan, Syria and Yemen. I’m absolutely speechless. This is a clear manipulation of many American’s desire to control immigration sensibly and a clear attempt to appease those who like to pretend that this divisive policy will somehow protect them. Funnily enough, most of the banned nations have/have had direct American interference such as the bombing of Syria, Iraq and Libya which has ironically created the very many refugees which Trump now refuses any form of interaction with.

Secondly, this ‘ban’ appears to exclude the more prosperous Muslim nations which Trump has business dealings with AND includes the famous Saudi Arabia, where many terrorists have been bred including the majority of those who committed the 9/11 atrocities. The fact that Trump has appeared to pick on mainly third world countries plus Iran (who the US maintains no diplomatic ties to anyway) proves that this is an attempt to satisfy the ego of those who want to scapegoat the reality of where the true threat of terrorism lies. Because that’d hurt Trump’s wallet, you see.

It has also just been announced that this ban applies to those of dual nationality from those countries which is the sickening considering MANY American citizens hold dual nationality from such countries. What sort of message is this sending to Muslim-Americans? That they are not welcome? Because that sure reminds me of a time in history. It’s deeply disturbing that vulnerable people such as refugees, exiled citizens and people in fear of their life for defying the country with LEGITIMATE VISAS have simply been turned away. IT IS AN OUTRAGE and a MASS VIOLATION OF HUMAN RIGHTS AND INTERNATIONAL LAW. It is also a clear stereotype against the potential of citizens of those countries. Trump is deterring and preventing intellectuals, inspirations and those in search of the American dream from making their mark. ALL cases should be made on an individual basis, with vetting towards ALL, not a specific group of people. These are people, not a political bargaining tool!



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No7 Beautiful Skin Collection Review

Today marks 3 years of blogging with WordPress! :0 Coincidentally I’ve decided to review Boot’s (British pharmacy) own No7 ‘Beautiful Skin’ collection for all you skin lovers out img_20170113_175706there! This was reduced to only £7 after Christmas, and includes five of their skin products in sample sizes. I’ve never used No7 Skincare but definitely focus more on skincare that makeup, so had to try it! You can view it here:

No7 Beautiful Skin Overnight Revitalising Eye Balm (15ml):

I mainly bought this set because I wanted to try an eye balm for my dark under eye circles. In this set you’re given the full size for only a fraction of the price! It is a very soft gel which I use under my eyes before bed, and it’s definitely soothing. It has mixed reviews on the website and I can see why. While it applies without irritation for me at least, I haven’t noticed any major difference. Maybe this could change after weeks of usage; I’ll have to see. However, for the retail price of £12, I most likely won’t purchase it again.

No7 Beautiful Skin Day/Night Creams (25ml) each:

I definitely thought the full set was worth buying just for these! 25ml is quite generous considering the full sizes are 50ml and they were highly moisturising, especially the night cream. Like the eye balm, it was very soothing and comfortable on the skin, especially as I have quite dry skin.  It really helps with hydration, leaving me with baby soft skin and the day one also has an Spf of 15! They left no irritation in comparison to other creams, and they definitely seemed tailored perfectly for their title – beautiful skin.

No7 Beautiful Skin Radiance Exfoliator (15ml):

This is perfect to compliment your daily facial wash. I use Neutrogena’s Spot and Stress Control facial scrub on a daily basis, and now use this once/twice a week in addition which reveals smoother and brighter looking skin as it claims, especially as you use it over a couple of weeks. You can definitely notice it’s effects as it leaves you with beautiful skin even without any moisturiser afterwards!

No7 Beautiful Skin Cleansing Lotion (30ml):

I don’t usually use cleansing lotions to remove makeup. I’ve tried a couple but didn’t find them convenient with removing it. This one was incredibly soft and moisturising on the skin, while aiding in removing makeup. It’s great on the skin, but I found it slightly stung as I attempted to remove eye makeup in comparison to skin makeup. It wasn’t a major problem, but it is the same problem I have with a lot of them and so for the original retail price, other than the fact that it doubles as a great moisturiser, I wouldn’t say it’s much different from less pricier ones!

Thanks for reading, let me know if you’ve tried any other products!

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2016 HAS ALMOST COME TO AN END! It has already begun in some parts of the world, and is serving as a beacon of hope for many to start afresh after a year of controversial events from Brexit and the US election to the coalition bombing of Syria and refugee crisis, as well Printas the devastating number of terror attacks all around the world that have occurred. Being such an eventful year, it has proven to be a testing point for our strength and therefore I like to think of my New Years Resolution to be universal to everyone.

I pray that time eases the grief and heals the wounds that have been caused by this year, and that the world moves on with hope, love, compassion and the strive to make 2017 not my year nor your year. But the year of humankind. And a year in which we actively embark on breaking down the artificial differences which have divided humanity.

Let’s go into 2017 with the motivation, passion and strive to truly do what is just and fulfilling of our time here on Earth, whether that be to achieve a goal you’ve always wanted to, or actively change how you interact with others. Always remember that although it is a new year, it doesn’t define the pace of or even when you start to make a difference to yourself or others. Whenever you feel change, take that as your new beginning. After all, time flies!


Bushra 😀

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This year has been extremely eventful, with many moments of historical significance, joy


Christmas Tree in front of the Haymarket Memorial Clock Tower in Leicester, England

and grief. There have been instances where the world has felt more divided and tense than ever, as well as rare moments of global unity. More recently, considering the climate of terrorism and political upheaval, which has really revealed itself this year, Christmas will be tough for many this year. My heart goes out particularly to these people. I pray for my persecuted Christian brothers and sisters worldwide, who attach a very different significance and love for their faith than many of us can imagine. It keeps them going despite civil war and ongoing political crises which denies them the chance to truly celebrate with passion. Even in the most prosperous nations on Earth, thousands remain homeless on the streets during the winter season, with many more living in poverty.

As you celebrate this joyous festival, let us keep those in suffering in our prayers and enter 2017 with courage, spirit, passion and determination to strive for equality, justice, hope and love everywhere.

Peace! Happy holidays x

Bushra 😀

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World leaders should be ashamed of the lack of diplomacy and co-operation, as well as the clear struggle to find common ground on defining who the opposition is in Syria which has translated to the current situation – Syria’s imminent destruction. The politics behind the war has become irrelevant when you see it for what it now is – an aimless battleground in main_900which civilians have become the number one victim. Over 4 million civilians have been killed, with hospitals and schools turned into bloodbaths due to the aggressive air strikes against loosely defined territory.

My heart truly goes out to the thousands who remain, with many filming their last goodbyes to truly demonstrate the ignorance of powerful world leaders who have failed to use their influence in forcing a solution in the name of humanity. Throughout the four years of this conflict, we have prayed/donated/viewed the situation from the comfort of our screens, expecting a forthcoming solution. Many have protested. Many have even volunteered to provide aid abroad. But here we are. The UN predicted that Aleppo would be inhabitable by Christmas and here we are. It’s unfortunate that as citizens, our appeals to those in power can be met with great ignorance and expectation that we apparently don’t understand conflict from a insider governmental perspective. I’ve always found that ironic as I’m pretty sure that the innocent Syrian civilians who have nothing to do with this proxy war of either side understand that IT IS CIVILIANS WHO TAKE THE LARGEST HIT OF THE CONFLICT. Their lives are casually being taken in the hundreds for the uncertainty that a couple of terrorists may live in ‘that area’. The ideology of barbaric terror groups such as Daesh must be fought, not with guns or bombs, but with education, reconstruction and through a greater understanding and engagement of Syrians who want to live and breathe the once pure air of a prosperous, thriving Syria.

Although many of us currently feel disillusioned and helpless, the most important thing right now is to hear their cries, petition governments and speak out. But whatever we do, we must never forget them….

SIGN these petitions to the British government, urging immediate aid drops, even if it’s the only thing you do:

Air-drop life saving aid into the starving cities in Syria




The Rohingya, a Muslim minority who have been isolated from humanity on the outskirts of Myanmar in the Rakhine state for decades, have consistently been described as ‘one of the most persecuted minorities in the world.’ They are by far the largest group of stateless people with around 1.3 million in Myanmar today. Only recently has their plight been myanmar_-_rohingua_dirittiseriously considered by the Western media as government sponsored torture, destroying of their makeshift homes and propaganda against them increases, with ethnic cleansing appearing a clear possibility. Even Bangladesh and Malaysia have recalled Myanmar’s ambassador’s to their respective states due to feeling the weight of the situation as hundreds of Rohingya’s flee the state in desperation. While the UN remains effectively powerless in sanctioning the government and we celebrate the apparent progressiveness of the democracy of the country, it is clear that this is not a reality for the Rohingya people. Despite living in Myanmar for generations, the government does not recognise their status, claiming they are illegal migrants native to Bangladesh, the bordering country.

Whether they are ethnically Bengali or Burmese, there is NO excuse in denying a huge sector of society the chance to dignity, hope, human rights or shelter. Unfortunately, propaganda, which is pushed forward by many leading officials and respected Buddhist faith leaders leads many of the general population to suspect the Rohingya of wanting something more sinister than basic human rights. This is not helped by the fact that many cannot even meet one if they wanted to due to the segregation of the Rohingya onto the outskirts of Burma, with prohibition of entering mainland Myanmurr. Bangladesh’s PM Sheikh Hasina has previously (as the situation has escalated)  claimed they cannot afford to accommodate any more refugees and that many are ‘mentally sick’ for assuming they can make more money by going abroad. That is absolutely absurd considering the fact that they have been completely stripped of hope or dignity on both borders, and therefore are extremely vulnerable to dangerous traffickers who are taking them far East to countries like Thailand and Malaysia, where they hope to make a living, but instead are being trapped into forced labour and dangerous journeys via boat.

The lack of global condemnation is worrying. Persecution comes in many forms, but is highly explicit in Myanmur recently. We have seen genocide in many forms. It is sad that despite having witnessed plenty in the 20th century, many of the most powerful world leaders fail to even comment on this one. The reality is that this is not just an ‘affair for the Far East’ if the same people who cite this are the ones who still choose to maintain diplomatic relations with the country’s government. This has been straining on for decades with – once again – personal vested interests of nations overriding the responsibility as human beings to condemn the government of Myanmur for their failure to respect the dignity of human beings on their very shores. The fact that free press is highly limited makes it difficult to gain verifications of accounts as well as to show the world the truth.

Watch Vice News documentary on it here:

Thanks for reading 🙂 SHARE to get their plight heard!

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