L’Oreal Paris Face Masks Review – Pure Clay & Sugar Scrubs!

For my first post of 2018, and after a while of no posts, I thought I’d post a face mask review! Superdrug has had an ongoing reduction on the L’Oreal Paris Face mask range, including the new sugar scrub masks. With a recent extra 20% off for students, I thought I’d go ahead and buy some! I’ve tried a couple of the sample sized version of the pure clay range which were incredible so I purchased the full size version of the Purity clay mask and the Smooth sugars glow scrub. I did want the detoxifying pure clay mask initially as I felt that was one of the best when I tried the samples, though they were all sold out in my local store! So here’s what I thought: face masks

L’oreal Paris Pure Clay Purity Face Mask 50ml – I absolutely love clay masks over peel off’s or any other type of mask, and love the vibrant colours of this range. I bought the full size of this one as it was best suited to my skin’s needs – I wanted a mask that would, as the product claims, purify and mattify my skin without drying it out. This mask was great; it has a really neutral, clay like smell and feels very nourishing and cleansing when put on. I applied it with the Real Techniques prep brush from the Prime and Prep brush set instead of my fingers for a smooth and clean application and then left it on for around 10 minutes. After the clay had hardened, I removed it with water and patted it dry with a towel. The results were instantaneous – my skin felt soft and pampered, and it definitely gave me even more confidence in my skin and appearance. I’ll definitely be trying out the other masks in this range!

L’Oreal Smooth Sugar Glow Grapeseed Face and Lip Scrub 50ml – I had seen the rave over this new range and so bought the grapeseed scrub to ‘polish and boost radiance’ to my skin. I loved the idea of a scrub for both the face and lips especially as lip scrubs alone can usually cost the same amount as this scrub!  Surprisingly, I did actually like the smell – it was quite rich and natural.  I applied it with a small amount of water, before waiting for the sugars to melt into the skin to wash it off. I was surprised at how quickly it was ready to be taken off, and it did initially feel like simply using a exfoliating face wash. But the effects were incredible – it really did leave your skin feeling polished and glowing, which was commented on by some. It was also very nourishing and gentle on the skin, and I loved the fact that it contained sugar instead of exfoliating beads, which in the past had dried my skin out and so I had switched to cream facial washes and so this provided a great alternative.

Overall, these are pretty good face masks, with a decent amount in nice glass tubs, and simply a nice way to wind down after a long day.


MULTI-MASKING (SAMPLE SIZE) CLAY MASK PLAY KIT: https://www.superdrug.com/L%27Oreal-Paris/L%27Oreal-Paris-Pure-Clay-Multi-Masking-Play-Kit-3x10ml/p/736573

PURITY CLAY MASK: https://www.superdrug.com/L’Oreal-Paris/L’Oreal-Paris-Pure-Clay-Purity-Face-Mask-50ml/p/714245?gclid=CjwKCAiAy4bTBRAvEiwAFtatHCsmDChW5wUwFBMXs74FWge38wtoG4G3TKgmTuKzks1yOl4aV668FBoC5TQQAvD_BwE&gclsrc=aw.ds&dclid=CNufi9Xu5NgCFQhFGwod8gMD7w

GRAPESEED FACE AND LIP SCRUB: https://www.superdrug.com/Skin/Face/Face-Scrubs/L%27Oreal-Smooth-Sugar-Glow-Grapeseed-Face-And-Lip-Scrub-50ml/p/750155


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Face Masks Review! | Superdrug & Lush

Nothing calls summer relaxation like face masks. I bought quite a few from Boots, Superdrug and Lush but thought I’d share my thoughts on Superdrug’s own brand of face masks (Orange and black lava & sugar and spice) and Love Lettuce by Lush:

Superdrug’s own masks: I tried two of their masks – the orange and black lava mask and IMG_20170628_120817the sugar and spice self heating masks. Both left my skin feeling extremely soft even without moisturiser. The first one (orange and black lava) gave me an uncomfortable burning sensation for a few minutes and then stopped, and so I wouldn’t personally use that one again but it did have a great smell and I liked how it hardened into a clay consistency after a few minutes as when washing it off it felt very refreshing and my skin felt exfoliated. I definitely preferred and really loved the sugar and spice self heating mask. It was more of a sticky, jelly like texture with an amazing smell of caramel and Mediterranean clay as well as being of a mild caramel colour. I absolutely love the self heating element; it was one of those masks you could easily fall asleep in. I kept it on comfortably for 15 minutes and to be honest did not want to take it off! It left my skin extremely soft and smooth!

Lush: Love Lettuce – I can never decide which mask to buy from Lush so tried this one after a sales assistant recommended it. It has quite a rough texture with a very earthy smell which I really liked as a change from the more fruity/artificial smelling facial masks out there! I kept it on for 15 minutes without any discomfort and the whole way through it felt highly refreshing and I had that feeling of it really working on my face. After removing it the effects were amazing – it was a strong replacement for an exfoliator and left me with very radiant and healthy looking skin. Can’t go wrong with Lush!

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FACE MASKS : Montagne Jeunesse vs Quick Fix Facials | REVIEW

I absolutely love face masks as whether they are being used as a treat after a long week, or as a means of fixing up your skin, they are so much more deep cleansing and effective than an everyday face wash. I tend to use face masks at least once a fortnight, but try to do it once a week as suggested! The main face masks I’ve tried are the Montagne Jeunesse face mask sachets and more recently, have tried the Quick Fix Facials, a tube of 100ml of face mask. They are all available at Boots!

Montagne Jeunesse Face Masks: £1/15ml  –  http://www.boots.com/webapp/wcs/stores/servlet/CategoryDisplay?catalogId=11051&Ne=ManufacturerName|&DM_PersistentCookieCreated=true&langId=-1&categoryId=174849&storeId=10052&cannonicalUrl=en/Beauty/Skincare/Face/Face-Masks/&N=mfName_ntk_cs%253A%2522Montagne%2522|

I’ve been using these masks for a long time and first wanted them because of the fact that they were a one time use and so I could pick different ones each time as opposed to one type of face mask in a tube. Each face mask could actual20150706_131511ly be used twice as I found once I began using them! There are several types of masks they offer – the mud pacs and the peel off masks. The peel off ones are intended to be easier to use but I personally found them hard to peel off at times, and so prefer the mud masks, which are simply applied like a facial wash, left for 10-15 minutes and then scrubbed off, rather than peeled off. I found that the mud pacs also felt far more deep cleansing and actually felt like it was making a difference to my skin – it felt softer and more cleansed! The texture varies from different masks, from a gel like substance to an exfoliating one. For £1 these are great and they smell amazing! There are a range of different scents, so whether you prefer mint or fruit, there’s one for everyone! My all time favourite one which I use all the time is the hot chocolate one! It smells good enough to eat, however it also has a self heating element to it, so you actually feel it heating on your face as you apply it which really makes a difference to the texture of the skin! You can see it here: http://www.boots.com/en/Montagne-Jeunesse-Melted-Chocolate-Hot-Chocolate-Pore-Cleansing-Sauna-Masque-15g_1392667/

Quick Fix Facials: £4.99/100ml – http://www.boots.com/en/Quick-Fix-Facials-Mega-Moisture-Gel-Mask-100ml_1360898/

After months of using the Montagne Jeunesse sachets, I decided to try something different. The Quick Fix Facials have a range of products for different skin types (I bought the one for dry and thirsty skin) and the fact that they are 20150706_131458100ml means you can use the tube of face mask for at least 10 quick five minute facials, as the product claims. This is great for people who don’t have as much time on their hands to go through the whole procedure of having a face mask on for 15 minutes, as this one can simply be used in the shower and more regularly (at least every 2-3 days) without any problems, whereas the Montagne Jeunesse ones are recommended to only be applied at least once a week for best results. I found the Quick Fix Facials were far more consistent as I wasn’t switching out different types of face masks as with Montagne Jeunesse, however I did find that it did make it more of a chore rather having fun with them as the same one each week was a bit monotonous. However it did feel very exfoliating and had a thick texture, which I applied to my whole face which made it feel cleansed and soft, serving the same function as the other face masks. It works out cheaper due to the fact that at least 10 applications works out at less than half the price of one Montagne Jeunesse sachet! The smell wasn’t as rich as the sachets, and it smelt slightly minty and quite neutral, which wasn’t necessarily a ‘bad thing’, unless you’re like me and enjoy having different scents each week!

VERDICT: Although the Quick Fix Facials are intended to be easier to apply and long lasting due to the amount of applications one tube at £4.99 offers, I find that the Montagne Jeunesse ones are far more fun packaged and the huge variety makes it more exciting to choose and try different ones! They also smell far more rich and have a wide range of scents and therefore appeal to more people! I would recommend Quick Fix Facials for those of you who would rather use one face mask quickly and regularly, but for those who want to keep it as more of a treat at the end of the week, with a burst of different scents, Montagne Jeunesse is the one! 😀

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If you don’t know, I literally post anything and everything which I want to express. I’m not any form of beauty guru whatsoever but I thought I’d give a review on the Montagne Jeunesse face masks which I’ve been using for quite a while, and am actually using now after a while!

These face masks come in sachets at £1 each which is a bargain as you’ll learn soon. They last one or two uses, depending on how much you use.


How to use: You simply apply the face mask with your fingers over your entire face, leave for 15 minutes and voila – a cleansed, refreshed face!

What I think: You definitely have to try a couple to find your favourite as there is a huge range which you can check out on their website (linked below). I buy mine from Boots and Superdrug, but they are also sold on their website, and their are way more products by them, though I only use the face masks. I have to admit, some have felt like they are stinging my face, though I woulden’t say it affected my face in any way. However, it is quite an uncomfortable feeling considering you need to keep it on for a good 15-20 minutes for a proper cleansed face. Some of them don’t have too great scents either. My favourite one was definitely the Chocolate Masque, as it is self heating on the face which I found so cool! Considering I have quite sensitive skin, it is absolutely great, and one I continue to repurchase over and over again! The smell is perfect too!

They also sell peel off masks, as well as fabric ones, though personally I prefer the mud ones, which come as a paste in the sachet as although they are more messy, they seem to leave the best results and are more comfortable.

WEBSITE: http://www.montagnejeunesse.com/face-masks/mud-face-mask


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