2016 HAS ALMOST COME TO AN END! It has already begun in some parts of the world, and is serving as a beacon of hope for many to start afresh after a year of controversial events from Brexit and the US election to the coalition bombing of Syria and refugee crisis, as well Printas the devastating number of terror attacks all around the world that have occurred. Being such an eventful year, it has proven to be a testing point for our strength and therefore I like to think of my New Years Resolution to be universal to everyone.

I pray that time eases the grief and heals the wounds that have been caused by this year, and that the world moves on with hope, love, compassion and the strive to make 2017 not my year nor your year. But the year of humankind. And a year in which we actively embark on breaking down the artificial differences which have divided humanity.

Let’s go into 2017 with the motivation, passion and strive to truly do what is just and fulfilling of our time here on Earth, whether that be to achieve a goal you’ve always wanted to, or actively change how you interact with others. Always remember that although it is a new year, it doesn’t define the pace of or even when you start to make a difference to yourself or others. Whenever you feel change, take that as your new beginning. After all, time flies!


Bushra 😀

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This year has been extremely eventful, with many moments of historical significance, joy


Christmas Tree in front of the Haymarket Memorial Clock Tower in Leicester, England

and grief. There have been instances where the world has felt more divided and tense than ever, as well as rare moments of global unity. More recently, considering the climate of terrorism and political upheaval, which has really revealed itself this year, Christmas will be tough for many this year. My heart goes out particularly to these people. I pray for my persecuted Christian brothers and sisters worldwide, who attach a very different significance and love for their faith than many of us can imagine. It keeps them going despite civil war and ongoing political crises which denies them the chance to truly celebrate with passion. Even in the most prosperous nations on Earth, thousands remain homeless on the streets during the winter season, with many more living in poverty.

As you celebrate this joyous festival, let us keep those in suffering in our prayers and enter 2017 with courage, spirit, passion and determination to strive for equality, justice, hope and love everywhere.

Peace! Happy holidays x

Bushra 😀

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Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

I would like to wish everyone celebrating a very Happy Christmas! Have a fun and joyous day with lots of presents and plenty of turkey! Let me know how your day goes 😀download

I’d also like to wish you all an early Happy New Year, though I will probably post something before that as I will be in London soon, but also New Years Day will mark two years of being a blogger!

Have a safe, easy rest of the year and let’s all try and make lasting resolutions as we approach 2016! I can only pray for the safe and well being of humanity and as always, peace for all, as well as the chance for all of us to take a new year as a new chance to strive closer towards our goals and self improvement!

Once again, Merry Christmas if you’re celebrating and a Happy New, and prosperous year! Cannot wait for the fireworks! 🙂


Bushra x


HAPPY NEW YEAR! | bushrajalilblog

There is still a good six hours to go before the New Year truly begins in the UK, marked by the always spectacular yearly fireworks display in London. However, firework celebrations have already begun in many countries such as Australia and Taiwan, so I’d like to take this as my last blog post of 2014 and wish you all a happy, safe animagesd blessed new year. HAPPY NEW YEAR!!

This has been my first year of blogging, and as coincidental as this sounds, I first opened my blog on the 1st of January 2013! I guess I wanted to do it as a new start to the year, even though I only actually wrote on it regularly several months in. Who would’ve believed that I would make it to the end of the year? I doubt I kept any resolutions I made last year (as most of us do!) and so I thought I’d share not my resolutions for the year, but my wishes for the year, to the rest of the world. As much as the New Year is a time of celebration, the atrocities committed in the past year, and as recently as the last month or so were devastating. This leads me on to my biggest wish ever – to see peace on Earth!! It’s said again and again every year, but that simply highlights how important it is. The best way to defeat war is through love! So many people die and suffer at the hands of those who have justified their actions in the name of religion, politics and greed. Another dream is to see religions peacefully co-exist, like it should always be. The core of every religion is love, which is what connects them all. The foundations of their teachings are morals and love so the fact that people abuse this is heartbreaking and a real insult to those who are going through such hardships where religion may be all they have ❤

Becoming a better person in every way you can is truly beneficial to you and the world. A person of genuine peace and kindness is reflected like the sun’s rays through their personality, and this generates positivity to those who really need it.

Remember, peace starts with YOU. War and hatred starts and ends with US. Let’s not take it to 2015.

And, once again, HAPPY NEW YEAR! Make the most!

Peace, Bushra xxx