Some say petitions are not worth it, though one thing they’re great for is showing solidarity and support for issues and campaigns worldwide. Here are some of my faves currently on

A full and transparent investigation into the Grenfell tower collapse:

This was a tragic incident in which so many people lost their lives needlessly as a result of pure co-oporate greed and neglect, in one of the wealthiest nations on the planet. Profit was put before people’s lives. It is only fair that the victims are given justice through a transparent investigation which brings those responsible into disrepute:

A petition that follows on from this calls for sprinklers to be fit on all high rise buildings, as this was one of the many neglected steps on Grenfell tower that could’ve prevented such a tragic death toll:

Prohibit the purchase of acid to those without a licence: This is one that I am especially vocal on, and have written to my local MP about. Check my full post on this issue:

Show governments that you stand with refugees:

Many people stigmatise the intentions of refugees without looking at the inhabitable conditions in which they are leaving. ‘No-one truly wants to put their child on boat unless the water is safer than land’. Their status as a refugee should not be used to degrade them, and in actual fact it is not necessarily about taking as many as you can or even donating as much as you can, but about presenting a human face and demonstrating compassion. They are our fellow humans on one planet, not another species.

Make the cervical screening test (currently offered from the age of 25) available from the age of 18 to high risk groups:

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HEALTH. Something I’m definitely no expert on, but it’s clear that being more healthier allows you to not only  feel better about yourself, but focus better and work harder on your goals, giving you ultimate confidence. I’m striving to change my addiction to junk to healthier options to give myself a fresher outlook and healthier mindset as I approach college exams, without drastically changing my general lifestyle seeing as I’m only a teenager. But here are some small changes I’ve made recently which definitely contribute to having better concentration and a better feeling about yourself, without turning into a different person overnight. Enjoy!Healthy_Fruit

1. Be more conscious of your diet, and make small changes that go a long way. You may assume that a couple of chocolate bars to satisfy your temporary hunger is fine, but it’s not necessarily the best habit when you consider the amount of fat you’ll be consuming daily, simply in snacks. It’s far easier to switch from chocolate to fruits, fizzy drinks to juice or water, and generally purchasing and choosing lower fat or diet alternatives. It’s okay to eat some fatty foods in moderation, but I find that stuffing myself in chocolates as a norm isn’t great in the long term.

Drink more water! This is such a cliche, but you’d be surprised at how much of a significance this can have on your health and outlook. I usually drink a glass of water each morning before breakfast which is so refreshing and so important to have throughout the day as often you can confuse hunger with thirst which can lead to over-eating!

Eat less meat. This might sound random, but it’s an important one. Generally, vegetarians have greater health prospects and still benefit from getting their protein through other vegetarian means. Though you don’t have to completely cut out meat/chicken from your life, you can definitely benefit from eating less and having more vegetable based options. I know people who eat meat/chicken almost every single day and while that doesn’t necessarily make them ‘unhealthy’, you can lack protein from other food sources. While I’m not 100% vegetarian myself, I eat way less meat than last year and now consciously choose vegetarian options, incorporating more plant based foods which has definitely made me feel healthier internally.

Eat 3x a day at set times. It’s definitely important not to skip meals, even if it’s something light, especially breakfast which gives you the energy boost for the day. For dinner it’s best not to eat no later than 8 as you become less active and therefore cannot burn calories as well. I’m definitely guilty of this!

And most important of all: Keep your intentions right in the process! Be sure that you’re changing your diet for yourself only, not because you feel pressured to or drawn in by the media’s ridiculous notions of what beauty/healthy means. If it’s coming from YOU and YOU ONLY, you will definitely make progress as you please, rather than setting false goals in an attempt to satisfy other’s ideals which will only harm you mentally if you feel like you can’t do it!

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FACE MASKS : Montagne Jeunesse vs Quick Fix Facials | REVIEW

I absolutely love face masks as whether they are being used as a treat after a long week, or as a means of fixing up your skin, they are so much more deep cleansing and effective than an everyday face wash. I tend to use face masks at least once a fortnight, but try to do it once a week as suggested! The main face masks I’ve tried are the Montagne Jeunesse face mask sachets and more recently, have tried the Quick Fix Facials, a tube of 100ml of face mask. They are all available at Boots!

Montagne Jeunesse Face Masks: £1/15ml  –|&DM_PersistentCookieCreated=true&langId=-1&categoryId=174849&storeId=10052&cannonicalUrl=en/Beauty/Skincare/Face/Face-Masks/&N=mfName_ntk_cs%253A%2522Montagne%2522|

I’ve been using these masks for a long time and first wanted them because of the fact that they were a one time use and so I could pick different ones each time as opposed to one type of face mask in a tube. Each face mask could actual20150706_131511ly be used twice as I found once I began using them! There are several types of masks they offer – the mud pacs and the peel off masks. The peel off ones are intended to be easier to use but I personally found them hard to peel off at times, and so prefer the mud masks, which are simply applied like a facial wash, left for 10-15 minutes and then scrubbed off, rather than peeled off. I found that the mud pacs also felt far more deep cleansing and actually felt like it was making a difference to my skin – it felt softer and more cleansed! The texture varies from different masks, from a gel like substance to an exfoliating one. For £1 these are great and they smell amazing! There are a range of different scents, so whether you prefer mint or fruit, there’s one for everyone! My all time favourite one which I use all the time is the hot chocolate one! It smells good enough to eat, however it also has a self heating element to it, so you actually feel it heating on your face as you apply it which really makes a difference to the texture of the skin! You can see it here:

Quick Fix Facials: £4.99/100ml –

After months of using the Montagne Jeunesse sachets, I decided to try something different. The Quick Fix Facials have a range of products for different skin types (I bought the one for dry and thirsty skin) and the fact that they are 20150706_131458100ml means you can use the tube of face mask for at least 10 quick five minute facials, as the product claims. This is great for people who don’t have as much time on their hands to go through the whole procedure of having a face mask on for 15 minutes, as this one can simply be used in the shower and more regularly (at least every 2-3 days) without any problems, whereas the Montagne Jeunesse ones are recommended to only be applied at least once a week for best results. I found the Quick Fix Facials were far more consistent as I wasn’t switching out different types of face masks as with Montagne Jeunesse, however I did find that it did make it more of a chore rather having fun with them as the same one each week was a bit monotonous. However it did feel very exfoliating and had a thick texture, which I applied to my whole face which made it feel cleansed and soft, serving the same function as the other face masks. It works out cheaper due to the fact that at least 10 applications works out at less than half the price of one Montagne Jeunesse sachet! The smell wasn’t as rich as the sachets, and it smelt slightly minty and quite neutral, which wasn’t necessarily a ‘bad thing’, unless you’re like me and enjoy having different scents each week!

VERDICT: Although the Quick Fix Facials are intended to be easier to apply and long lasting due to the amount of applications one tube at £4.99 offers, I find that the Montagne Jeunesse ones are far more fun packaged and the huge variety makes it more exciting to choose and try different ones! They also smell far more rich and have a wide range of scents and therefore appeal to more people! I would recommend Quick Fix Facials for those of you who would rather use one face mask quickly and regularly, but for those who want to keep it as more of a treat at the end of the week, with a burst of different scents, Montagne Jeunesse is the one! 😀

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