Love Knows No Borders

love-knows-no-bordersI discovered the #LoveHasNoBorders on Twitter where interracial families, friends and couples are sharing their stories. In light of the upsetting xenophobia which has been pushed forward particularly by the far right, who fail to understand that every story has it’s own human face and merits, I thought this quick post was fitting.

As the world gets smaller, borders seem to be getting unfairly discriminatory towards people who just want to live, love and not have to face the horrendous attitude and prejudices towards immigrants at the moment. Borders are superficial, but the emotions created by treating someone without dignity are real. As I said, every story has a human face. People migrate to new countries all the time for many reasons whether that be for work, refuge or to join family. And through that journey there is love, hardships and potential fear, especially if leaving a dangerous country to seek refuge. Compassion does not have to mean accepting anyone anywhere at anytime without any form of criteria, but it does mean respecting that fundamentally we are all human, and fear of a minority group should not overtake our solidarity and desire to offer support to those who need it most. 

Let us build bridges, not walls and understand that we all have far more in common than our differences. Nationality is determined by a piece of paper but how you treat those who are different to you can never be bought.


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In light of the Rohinga refugee crisis which happened recently, I’ve noticed that as well as sympathy flooding for their hardships faced on what must be an awful journey to escape persecution, the rise in xenophobic and even racist comments made against not only these refugees in particular, but also towards migrants in general has driven up. This whole stigma against ‘foreign people’ from many extreme groups as well as certain individuals is absolutely disgusting 150515113802-18-rohingya-migrants-140515-super-169and just goes to show how misguided and uneducated people can often be put into the wrong profession or role, inciting their hatred upon others. In terms of the migrant crisis, the lack of humanity has been incredibly heartbreaking, as the Rohingya refugees, eventually permitted to land in Malaysia, spent days packed tightly in hundreds on the boat, running out of food and essential supplies. The condemnation from human rights activists in Myanmar is deafening, though as most of the Rohingya people remain stateless and so the persecution faced by them in Myanmar continues. It’s no wonder they are attempting to leave in search for a new life but what I find so heartbreaking and a sign of what the world is coming to is the fact that so many people are risking their lives. It makes you wonder  and realize how much of a big deal this is as you question the lengths and huge risks they are taking in order to flee their country. Their homeland. It mustn’t be easy. This topic really touches me because it makes me think: how? Why? What suffering must they have faced to get to the point where they give everything they have to leave on such an unpredictable journey. It just goes to show how desperate situations are, especially in third world countries, often bound with civil wars and corruption and there is no option but to leave, in knowledge of the further hardships you may face. To them, it’s a risk worth taking in search for the possibility that something better may arouse. It’s all to easy to use migrants as a safe scapegoat for all the problems that ever cease to exist, as some seem to think, with the help of the media’s often insensitive outtake on such a sensitive situation. Though it’s way more important to really review what the world has come to, because as we sit down enjoying a meal, hundreds are starving. When we leave for work or school, we don’t even comprehend the idea that we could be attacked or shot. Unfortunately that’s the reality for millions across the world.

I’ve seen many disgusting, racist, and sick comments targeted against immigrants, migrants and towards people of different nationalities, verging on the attitudes of fascist and xenophobic groups such as The National Front, who advocate white supremacy and adopt a ‘white only’ attitude, yet do not represent the views of the majority and it is attitudes like this which create unnecessary divide between us, caused by a complete lack of knowledge on each other. I find it so amusing that the ones who claim to be avenging the needs for the general public can’t even give a basic figure on what they’re so passionately fighting against. It’s a clear communication breakdown. There seems to be such a stigma against people who are ‘different’  and for some, each time they hear the word ‘migrant’ or ‘immigrant’ ,  they instinctively assume that they are immediately arriving or advocating for a negative cause, yet we forget that many flood in vital skills which save lives every single day. Let’s not sugar coat it – there are some out there who intend to override the system and come in to harm or disturb the peace, though there are HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS REFUGEES who are genuinely escaping in fear of their life. We aren’t told about the ones who flee their home at 3am in the night on fear of being killed, or those who escape religious or ethnic persecution. In a free world, these are the ones who we should be providing our sympathy for and not treating them as any less of a human being. I find it deeply disturbing how some deluded and ignorant parents are nurturing their kids to accept that being different in race, ethnicity or religion somehow makes you inferior or less of a person. IT’S WRONG, and I’ve personally experienced that feeling of exclusion before as I wear an Islamic headscarf, and it’s horrible. You feel like you can’t be accepted as often, many people are too quick to judge.

Whether its persecution of Christians or the Rohingya Muslims, IT’S SICK AND MUST STOP. We are all humans before anything, and no matter what race, religion or nationaity, we deserve to live. i can’t stress enough how strongly I feel about this. Change starts from inside of us. The world will prosper when good people start challenging the bad.


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