In the past few years acid attacks in Britain, particularly in London, have shockingly increased into the thousands. This is an unprecedented development in modern society where repulsive criminals are resorting to acid throwing on their victim, as an easily Untitled-design-1accessible way of potentially killing their victim. The acid can completely disfigure the victim’s face, destroying skin tissue and dissolving bones, leading to a life time of psychological/mental, physical and social problems. Recently, in East London, cousins Resham Khan and Jameel Muhktar were attacked by a man when they were simply at a traffic stop, completely destroying the lives of two ordinary people going about their lives. Mukhtar, while in tears stated that his life will ‘never be the same again’. The victim believes he was attacked for his ‘race or religion’, and gives a heartbreaking statement on Channel 4 here:

This goes to show what potential religious, racial or personal tensions within someone can amount to, and is a heartbreaking cost to pay for considering that the regulation of acid sales can and MUST be monitored. Sulphuric acid can easily be bought online for a few pounds, and is readily available in some stores. And the chilling fact is that it can be bought without a license nor questioning. This is being taken advantage of by those with ill intentions to potentially kill someone. It’s crazy that something so lethal can be bought without any form of license indicating why they would need such a chemical because let’s face it – it’s not on the shopping list of the everyday customer.

This is unheard of in a developed nation. But what people need to also understand is that while it is a widespread problem in South Asia, as a gender based/revenge crime particularly towards woman who reject marriage/sexual advances, there are many cases across the world and in the UK, many males have been victims, with perpetrators and victims of all races. The point is that where acid is readily available without a license, the free pass is given for sick minded individuals of any kind to commit this crime as  a more easily accessible means of satisfying their agenda as opposed to a knife or gun.  These attacks are inhumane and require decisive action to prevent them. One person damaged physically, mentally and socially is one too many. The law must be changed.

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So yesterday I watched the devastating events of thecoexist1Sydney Siege as they unfolded – where innocent citizens at a Lindt cafe were subjected to 16 hours of being kept hostage, and with shots being fired, wounding and killing two civilians. It was heart breaking to watch as the events unfolded, and as predicted, it was some loonatic committing disgusting acts in the name of Islam, who absolutely does not represent the morals and values of the majority of Muslims in Australia and around the world. I found it crazy that he could even be associated with Islam, considering his acts of torture and terror goes against the values expected to be upheld by Muslims.

Whoever kills a soul, it is as if he had slain mankind entirely. And whoever saves one – it is as if he had saved mankind entirely’


He was, like many terror creating beings, a dangerous creation of the wrongful grooming into Islamic Extremism. Some people tend to uphold a very deliberate and extremist interpretation of Islam. The fact that he was holding a flag with the Arabic translation of ‘There is none worthy of worship but God’ meant nothing – his actions proved that this was man that should’ve been locked up, as he had committed many other unlawful acts before, and was a clearly a man not willing to change.

However, there will always be some bigot who will use this headline as a reason to spread hatred amongst Muslims and the public, as seen with many events before. The fact that thousands of Australians went to twitter to spread the #IllRideWithYou hashtag, after a woman founded it when a Muslim woman took her headscarf off and began to cry because of the hate attacks immediately afterwards was heart warming, but most importantly, a sign that the unification of Muslims who want to simply co-exist peacefully with their fellow citizens is a bond much stronger, and a much better defense than any other terror act will ever be. It also signifies that peace will always dominate bigotry, and that those who wish to spread harm and terror upon others have no place there. Unification will always beat isolation and discrimination! ❤

My deepest compassions go out to the innocent lives lost, and to their families as they grieve. RIP ❤

#SpreadLOVE #StopHATE


Bushra x