Love Knows No Borders

love-knows-no-bordersI discovered the #LoveHasNoBorders on Twitter where interracial families, friends and couples are sharing their stories. In light of the upsetting xenophobia which has been pushed forward particularly by the far right, who fail to understand that every story has it’s own human face and merits, I thought this quick post was fitting.

As the world gets smaller, borders seem to be getting unfairly discriminatory towards people who just want to live, love and not have to face the horrendous attitude and prejudices towards immigrants at the moment. Borders are superficial, but the emotions created by treating someone without dignity are real. As I said, every story has a human face. People migrate to new countries all the time for many reasons whether that be for work, refuge or to join family. And through that journey there is love, hardships and potential fear, especially if leaving a dangerous country to seek refuge. Compassion does not have to mean accepting anyone anywhere at anytime without any form of criteria, but it does mean respecting that fundamentally we are all human, and fear of a minority group should not overtake our solidarity and desire to offer support to those who need it most. 

Let us build bridges, not walls and understand that we all have far more in common than our differences. Nationality is determined by a piece of paper but how you treat those who are different to you can never be bought.


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I haven’t posted in a while so here is a quick post of some quotes 😀  A lot of these quotes are Sufi influenced as I love their quotes/literature:)  I will be back to regularSilhouette of hiking man jumping over the mountains postings soon x

‘A river cuts through a rock not because of it’s strength,

but it’s persistence’

‘Do not try and walk proudly. You can neither tear the Earth apart nor rival the mountains in height’ 

‘The greatest enemy of knowledge is not ignorance, but the illusion of knowledge’ 

‘The very center of your heart – the most beautiful place on Earth – is where life begins’ 

‘Forgiveness is the fragrance that a flower gives when crushed’

‘Only love gives value to wealth and power’

‘The moon shines because it does not escape the night. The rose is scented because it has embraced the thorn’

‘If you don’t try and achieve your dreams, someone will eventually hire you to achieve theirs’

‘If you are not willing to risk the usual, you will have to settle for the ordinary’

‘Never limit yourself because of other’s limited imagination’


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1) Make a change in your Girl blowing dandelion seed head at sunsetdiet for the better. I have recently started to eat a lot more healthier, not only for my health in the long term, but to simply feel better about myself and much happier. However, eating healthier doesn’t happen overnight, as it’s so easy to constanty eat healthy and then give up and stuff yourself, which is why it’s better to eat in moderation. A small simple change, such as adding fruit to your cereal, or reducing meal sizes goes a long way!

2) Do what you have to do, for you. It’s so easy to be manipulated by everyone on what’s ‘cool’ and what’s not. We are so easily influenced into thinking we have to have something, or must do something in order to gain attention that may feel good, but it isn’t YOU. Do what feels right; not what people tell you is. If you want to study for a test rather than go out with friends, and you’re laughed at or called a nerd, so what? You’ll get the grades and then you’ll see whose laughing 😉

3) Wake up a little earlier. Start your day a little earlier than usual; that way you’ll have a fresh start and will get your tasks done quicker, leaving more time for yourself. If you don’t already, you can now have breakfast, which is arguably the most important meal of the day. DON’T SKIP IT!!

4) Take up a hobby! This is one of my more bigger tips in terms of change, but it will really get your creative side flowing. We all tend to have things we have always wanted to try; why not get around to them? If you don’t try and make time now, then when?

5) Pay it forward. Remember that time you were helped out by someone? Pay that forward and do something for someone else. Good karma will only come back to you. Look at your life and have some gratitude. The fact that you can even access this post means you have access to something the majority of the world does not. Donate to a charity, smile at a stranger or if you live away from home, pay a surprise visit to your family. Life’s too short to put other things before your friends and family.

6) Make a small change in your routine. Humans tend to get bored of the same old day fairly quickly. Make a minor change in your way of life to spice it up a little more. eg. switch your makeup up, or take a different route to work. It will make life that slight more interesting.

7) Learn something new! The sheer beauty of life is way to beautiful to be left undiscovered. Whether you research the misconceptions of a certain topic and educate yourself, or simply revise a topic for class, knowledge is truly power, and the key to the future.

8) Most importantly – just remember the value in life itself. There are so many things that we can earn through hard work, such as money and materialistic things, but in reality, our graves will always be the same, despite there being major differences in wealth throughout the planet. This is exactly why you shouldn’t let such things control you; rather you control them. Don’t forget the importance in being a better human being, and looking out for others. It will make you feel good, too.

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HAPPY NEW YEAR! | bushrajalilblog

There is still a good six hours to go before the New Year truly begins in the UK, marked by the always spectacular yearly fireworks display in London. However, firework celebrations have already begun in many countries such as Australia and Taiwan, so I’d like to take this as my last blog post of 2014 and wish you all a happy, safe animagesd blessed new year. HAPPY NEW YEAR!!

This has been my first year of blogging, and as coincidental as this sounds, I first opened my blog on the 1st of January 2013! I guess I wanted to do it as a new start to the year, even though I only actually wrote on it regularly several months in. Who would’ve believed that I would make it to the end of the year? I doubt I kept any resolutions I made last year (as most of us do!) and so I thought I’d share not my resolutions for the year, but my wishes for the year, to the rest of the world. As much as the New Year is a time of celebration, the atrocities committed in the past year, and as recently as the last month or so were devastating. This leads me on to my biggest wish ever – to see peace on Earth!! It’s said again and again every year, but that simply highlights how important it is. The best way to defeat war is through love! So many people die and suffer at the hands of those who have justified their actions in the name of religion, politics and greed. Another dream is to see religions peacefully co-exist, like it should always be. The core of every religion is love, which is what connects them all. The foundations of their teachings are morals and love so the fact that people abuse this is heartbreaking and a real insult to those who are going through such hardships where religion may be all they have ❤

Becoming a better person in every way you can is truly beneficial to you and the world. A person of genuine peace and kindness is reflected like the sun’s rays through their personality, and this generates positivity to those who really need it.

Remember, peace starts with YOU. War and hatred starts and ends with US. Let’s not take it to 2015.

And, once again, HAPPY NEW YEAR! Make the most!

Peace, Bushra xxx

Courageous (2011) | MOVIE REVIEW!

I haven’t watched movies in the comfort of my own bed for a while now, and stumbled across this American Drama/tragedy, which usually isn’t my sort of movie, but it’s amazing! header

The main reason which I think made me want to watch it is it’s association with police and law enforcement. (I love them!) The movie follows the lives of four policemen and their families. There are moments where I laughed, but it follows a plot leading to tragedy and conveys a message like no other: the importance of fatherhood! It might sound like a crazy film to watch, and to be honest it isn’t exactly a full on action packed drama like others, but for some reason I found it incredible.

One day, one of the policemen’s daughter, who he loves dearly, is involved in a car accident. He has no stable relationship with his son, but that incident makes him realise the importance of family and caring for your children while you can, as he cries thinking about all the things he could’ve done. The fact that he had no connection with his son could potentially lead to gang related crime, as there was a strong connection between gunmen and gang members and the lack of a father figure. Throughout the movie, that is exactly what all four policemen share – they either do not spend enough time with their family because of commitments to work, or have not had a father figure themselves. The relation with gang crime is seen when one of the policemen is caught dealing drugs, yet the other policemen make the tough decision to report him, putting him behind bars. This happens after they feel as if they must commit to what it takes to become a man – morals and integrity, and most importantly, applying this to their family relationships. They all officially declare and sign to that commitment of becoming a better person, to themselves, to others and to their families.

The name of the movie ‘Courageous’ follows that courage as a man to raise their children in a faith focused way, after losing all hope, faith and battling their emotions in the most worst circumstances.

The plot was clever and gripping, and genuinely outlined such a positive, heart warming message. The movie was surrounded by the belief in Christianity and God, and that belief, portrayed in this message, bought hope and prosperity in the worst of times. I felt that this constant grip with religion was refreshing, and symbolised faith, but at times, did take away from the message as a whole, especially with the long sermons, as I felt the morals and ethics could be applied to anyone, not just someone of faith. Nevertheless, the message was one to be universally accepted and one that didn’t require religion to connect with. The whole idea of faith, belief, and hope was enough to touch your heart.

The movie soundtrack, with the same name as the title of the movie is such a warm and beautiful soundtrack, and provides a follow up of the meaning – to continue with the struggle, and a follow up of the struggle the men face with fatherhood, after missing out on so much.

OUT OF 5? 4

LENGTH: 130 minutes

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Peace. It’s seemingly complicated to completely explain the beauty and wonders of it in depth. But basically, humanity has never in the whole of history had a day of it. Wars, riots, discrimination – it all adds up. It’s vital to get that state of complete harmony, free of decay in the world – for the future generation to embrace. And without co – operation, we seem further by the day to this desired destination – peace. The disruption surrounding our world is absolutely unexplainable. The damage it causes, the pain it creates, innocent people being tortured and killed, and the needless hatred it sparks amongst races, religions and most importantly – the human race. Underneath, we are all the same. We grew from the same seed. Therefore, bear the same heart. We can be taught to hate, therefore can be taught to love. Love is much easier to be felt, taught and generated, so why can’t we begin to start creating everlasting peace? War and hatred starts and end with us. CHANGE BEGINS WITH YOU. Who dictates our lives but ourselves? Get past what people tell you. Lies fed by media and government. Think for yourself, and find the truth. As the younger generation, it sickens me to think parents/older generation are passing on barbaric and unexplainable prejudice and judgement upon certain groups of people, only contributing to the mass war and hatred in this world. As a member of the younger generation, I feel it’s my duty to speak up and genuinely try and make a difference in this world….




Bushra x


Mother’s day is coming up, and sometimes it’s the thought which counts, rather than the gift 🙂 This is a poem which I wrote for my Mum quite quickly, yet could brighten her day 🙂

Let me know what you think!


Can you perceive your life without her?
I embrace her love, it’s like no other.
Her unconditional love fills the air,
Her love, her touch, her care.

Do you vision your future without her?
I grasp her comfort; it contacts my heart like I’ve never felt.
Her rising beauty lifts the decay of this world,
Her beauty, her love always comes first.

Will you observe the hereafter without her?
I feel her glow, and I aspire her originality.
Her forever love and goodwill is key,
Her glow, her goodwill, originality is for me.

Would you ever leave she who has you back?
Your mother.
I deny such a vision as she lifts me up, and guides me away from trapped doors,
Her soul, her everything, I couldn’t possibly ask for more.



Bushra xox