WHY YOU SHOULD VOTE! #GeneralElection2017

The past couple of years has changed the scene of politics. 2016 bought the Brexit referendum, the election of Donald Trump as President of the USA and the resignation of former Prime Minister David Cameron following the referendum result, leading to Theresa May as the new PM. A general election has been called which, while spontaneous, gives the general population a chance to change the course of politics, or continue with a Conservative government. This election is all the more significant, considering the changes of the past few years. So why vote?general-election-poll-tracker-large_trans_NvBQzQNjv4BqqVzuuqpFlyLIwiB6NTmJwfSVWeZ_vEN7c6bHu2jJnT8

  • IT GIVES YOU A STAKE IN THE GOVERNMENT’S PLATFORM: Young people, for example are significantly underrepresented as many choose not to vote or engage with political issues that will directly affect us as we grow older. By voting in mass numbers, you can become a cohesive group that parties are forced to be responsive towards and include in their manifestos. Many people complain of feeling disengaged with politics and see no point in voting yet so few are willing to re-engage and challenge the status quo. Politicians are there to serve the people, and be held to account – one vote contributes to that. A higher turnout gives the government a larger mandate to govern which is true democracy.
  • VOTING MUSTN’T BE TAKEN FOR GRANTED: In liberal democracies, it’s all too easy to be used to having the privilege of voting once you turn 18 and so . But you have to remember that marginalised and minority groups across the world have fought for this right, from the Suffragettes to the Civil Rights Movement, and so to vote is to carry their legacy forward of universal suffrage. In many countries in the world, including acclaimed democracies, the rigging and corruption of elections is not uncommon. Registering to vote and casting your ballot is so simple and easy yet so many don’t.
  • YOU CAN VOTE IN DIFFERENT WAYS: A common reason people give for not voting is because they either don’t know who to vote for, they feel too disillusioned from the party’s manifestos or see the voting system as simply wasting their vote. You don’t have to cast a firm ballot – you can protest vote by simply handing in a spoilt ballot. That way, you haven’t voted for any of the candidate but will be counted in the statistics of spoilt ballots, rather than be counted in the percentage of those who simply didn’t vote. This can send a clear message of discontent to political parties on issues such as electoral reform. You can even vote tactically by forming part of a voting bloc to vote out your least favoured party/candidate by voting for the most popular opposition. You can also vote by post if you cannot make it to your polling station.

Be sure to register by the 22nd May here: htww.gov.uk/register-to-votetps://w, and use your political power.

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Something I’m very strong about is the topic of mental illness, and in my opinion it can be just as equally damaging as a physical illness. Mental illness is such a complicated topic as a whole, and I can’t personally speak out on how it feels and the devastating effects it has, but I’ve seen it happen and witnessed the damaging effects it can have on a persons stability, self esteMENTALL ILLNESSem and behaviour. There are hundreds of different types of mental illnesses, from anorexia nervosa and OCD, to bipolar disorder and schizophrenia and all of them deserve sensitivity, patience and care.

Mentally ill people are often misunderstood, and discriminated insensitively in the work place, or thought of as less capable than other workers; it’s wrong. Like I said, mental illness is such a complicated topic as a whole, and the person is often battling several emotions at once and  so to deal with it insensitively and pass them off as a nobody, incapable or worthless  is shameful and disgusting. It’s a damaging and poisonous message often re-enforced by the media, as a hidden form of imperceptive of the reality of it. The fact that people mock, bully and make thick-skinned, hard hearted and inconsiderate comments towards them is adding to exactly why many are taking their lives each year, and only making the problem worse, as a considerable amount lay off the professional help they require and deserve, on fear of being mocked, judged and handled insensitively, a fear that is not far from reality, when you look at the amount of ignorance that exists today.

Considering about 1 in 4 people will face some form of mental illness in their life, it’s not something which can be slagged off as a rare problem. It’s quite common, and the more ignorance that remains towards it, the worse the neglect will get, and the harder it will be to identify it.

Something that’s been in the news fairly recently is the fact that there are not enough beds provided by hospitals, which means that mentally ill patients, especially minors under 18, are being held in POLICE CELLS. It seems absurd, and it is; a person with a mental health issue needs specialist and if life threatening, urgent specialist treatment. It’s a risky last resort to put them there, especially because it can heighten their illness. An already mentally ill person should not have to face the trauma of a police cell for days on end, as it will only worsen their condition. Mentall illness is NOT A CRIME. There was a young woman under 18 on the news recently who was detained in a police cell for weeks, and took her life after the traumatic and damaging experience, after being released when it appeared there were no sufficient beds in the NHS.

One report said  “For many people experiencing an acute health crisis, a police officer is not the professional best placed to help them, nor is dealing with acute health crises the best use of police officers’ time and skills.’

And that’s correct.

As I stated, mental illness is a complicated illness, and they deserve support and genuine assistance. A police officer and a mental health professional have two very different roles, and it’s often that a police officer does not understand the mental health problem,as it’s not a field they are trained in, nor expected to provide. Although most likely unintentional, in police cells, they are more likely to be neglected as they lack the understanding, patience and compassion that someone needs as they go through the hard time which mental illnesses provide.

I personally find it crazy how more isn’t being done to provide the extra beds, and resources that the NHS needs to accommodate the public, not only for mental illnesses, but for many life threatening diseases. Not only that, but the mentally ill are constantly being mishandled in the justice system, and their actions are being criminalized. IT’S WRONG.

Mental illness is NOT a choice; it should be treated with upmost sensitivity.

Check out the story behind police cell use for the mentally ill: http://news.sky.com/story/1422557/end-police-cell-use-for-mentally-ill-say-mps

Click this link for common myths, statistics, causes and effects of mental illness: http://www.time-to-change.org.uk/mental-health-statistics-facts

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EBOLA! | What is the truth?

Ebola. It’s spreading across West Africa rapidly. According to the global statistics, about 6400 deaths have occurred since widespread transmission and even that’s a an underestimation, with the deaths multiplying fast. But the reality is that the amount of deaths in the past have been thousands more. But the proposal of it maybe entering the Western world, as there’s already been a US death from it means the media is going to make news fromarticle-2710285-20204A2800000578-305_634x381 it. And that’s why it’s only now been a more open issue. Some have gone to even call it a business, similar to poverty theories. So much money and time is invested, but it continues. Currently there’s no cure, though some claim we are being hidden from the very cure itself.

Some even think it’s a form of population control. The fact that it has so much interest over other issues is scary. One African man claimed that Ebola is a hoax, and seems to be contracted by those who supposedly receive medical treatment from Red Cross. Whether it’s true or not, the very suggestion of it being man made is haunting, and the very people who are sent to ease the disease could be worsening it. Let’s not forget that the media can only reveal so much. Media is practically what ‘sells’ and not necessarily the whole truth.

Whatever the truth is, Ebola has been destroying lives for years and years, since it was discovered in 1976, though has only been highlighted in the media recently because of the severe outbreak. People can’t even kiss their loved ones on fear of dying.

And aside all the jokes people seem to find okay, it’s supposedly the most anti-human disease since AIDS. When you live in a country that’s fully developed, you forget that people are dying. Everywhere.

There are NHS staff voluntarily joining the battle against it. Though it’s devastating watching the daunting clips as they remove deceased bodies from the premises. Curing them is difficult when there is no definite cure.

But let’s face it. Most of us have probably never visited Africa, so can only get our sources from media coverage, which is not always representative, and can make matters seem worse, or even underrated. But it doesn’t take much logic to realise that Ebola is part of the long list of issues in Africa. Let’s not forget the extreme poverty, alongside medical and water deprivation, which seems to forever dwell upon these innocent lives. Developed countries have the advantage of not being a breeding ground for major diseases like Ebola to strike. But it’s not the case for third world countries and never was, which is upsetting. It can sometimes leave you wondering where the millions charities fundraise with the public donating gets to? I’m pretty sure most charities have the best of intentions, but not always. When you hand money over, you can’t guarantee that your intentions will match the donator who will make use of it on your behalf. This is where non profit charities excell.

Is the cure for the whole world to see the truth and reality of the effects of the mass corruption across the world?

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