An Open Letter to MP Keith Vaz

Disclaimer: While I don’t believe I am speaking for EVERY individual in the constituency of Leicester East, I do believe the confidence of many in him is drifting away.  This letter is one I have sent to him calling on his resignation. If you are a constituent of Leicester East, feel free to copy and paste the letter to send the same message to , as other’s have done.

To Keith Vaz,

We write to you in great urgency and discontent with the way our constituency of Leicester East has been portrayed due to your incompetency to run as our MP as a result of abusing your role with your many scandals and neglect of the constituency we once called home. There are numerous occasions in which you have failed us by contradicting your actions for your own benefit.  We see this has prompted your resignation in the Home Affairs committee, but as a constituency the general consensus, as seen by the many petitions and demonstrations in Leicester is that we feel the need to demand you to not dishonour our constituents wishes any further and offer your resignation. We fail to see why you have decided to withdraw from the home affairs committee but not as the MP for Leicester East. We are strong Labour supporters, however, this constant feeling of dissatisfaction has forced us to reconsider our commitment to a party which allows a candidate who constantly violates the principles that we as a constituency need now more than anything

You campaigned to remain in the EU which was the general sentiment of Leicester East constituents yet now refuse to honour the fact that the campaign was based on lies and fear mongering and will not put our voice to parliament as other Remain MP’s are passionately doing, as is clear by your vote of triggering of article 50, a clear betrayal of the wishes of Leicester East and once again, a clear contradiction of your post Brexit comment that the result was a ‘terrible day for Britain and a terrible day for Europe’. Your duty should be with the interests of your constituents who voted you in should you have forgotten. There has been no consistent presence of your desire to engage with constituents on these matters; it simply feels as if you act in accordance with the party line, and turn your back on the people who have genuinely lived, worked and stood by this constituency. It has been 30 years and we truly feel it’s time for you to respect and honour your constituents by resigning. 2020 is far too long away for Leicester East who deserve an MP with a presence beside when it suits their agenda. It seems far more appropriate to offer your resignation than to receive a further three years of discontent, which will merely echo to the emerging youth who will not have the confidence to vote for you in the next election, let alone Labour.

Many are willing to voice this desire until 2020. This will eventually be taken up with the Labour leadership. How can a liberal democracy with a clear consensus of disillusionment, discontent and shame be simply ignored? Leicester East deserves a breath of fresh air.

A Disillusioned Leicester Constituent

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