As the world focuses it’s attention on the many political controversies of our time, we are forgetting the millions of beautiful lives which are disappearing from the surface of our planet as we know it. Despite decades of progressiveness, the world currently faces the ‘worst humanitarian crisis since 1945’, according to the UN, with billions required to combat the famine somalia faminedeclared in Somalia, South Sudan, Nigeria, with countries like Yemen on the brink of it. Many of these developing nations are also, unsurprisingly  war stricken nations which is serving as a major stumbling block to the lives, let alone health of over twenty million facing famine, and therefore imminent death.

There seems to be the resources to fund destructive proxy wars worldwide, redundant defensive systems and to silently prop up those that clearly violate basic principles of human rights, but not enough to ensure that our fellow brothers and sisters in humanity can at least have emergency aid? Many non governmental organisations are doing this, but they can only have so much influence on the situation as a whole. Those responsible for giving a free pass to conflict in Yemen for example must put their self-interest behind and save the innocent civilians stuck in the midst of it. It is civilians that always pay the price.

War, poverty, lack of access to industralisation, and climate change (yes, President Trump) are creating a never-ending cycle of starvation and eventual famine. Let us be their voice and demand the allocation of the world resources. Continue to donate what you can. An incredible campaign is the LOVE ARMY FOR SOMALIA:, who have amazingly convinced Turkish Airlines to use their flights for tonnes of lifesaving aid to Somalia. So beautiful!


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It’s been agees since I last posted so I thought I’d return with a post wishing all Muslims Rüyada-Kuranı-Kerim-Görmek-1across the globe a very HAPPY AND GLORIOUS EID! The holy month of Ramadan is over, in which so many Muslims grasped the opportunity to spiritually reflect on themselves, as well as become conscious of the little things we do in daily life. While the month appears to have flown past for many, it’s important to remember that it’s not been the case for those living in war struck and poverty ridden countries. The month there has also been a struggle. Thankfully, this year so many people strived to make extra donations to aid their breaking of the fast. The month has also seen many recent terror attacks, such as the ones in Turkey, Iraq, Bangladesh, and even Medina, at the heart of the Prophet Muhammad’s home, which is something totally unprecedented in a month where empathy, tolerance and sanctuary is expected and rewarded. And so my heart goes out especially to those people suffering everywhere, whether it be due to poverty, war,or having lost a loved one. May God make your experience full of ease ❤



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Our world.

1 billion children worldwide are living in poverty. 22,000 children die each day due to poverty. 805 million people worldwide do not have enough food to eat.

Nearly 1/2 of the world’s population — more than 3 billion people — live on less than $2.50 a day. That’s more than some can spend on things they want, let alone things they need.

Over 130 million woman worldwide have undergone female genital mutilation.

1 in 3 girls in the developing world are married by their 18th birthday. This reduces their chances of completing their education and being able to earn their own income, as well as increasing their chance of experiencing domestic violence, something that affects 1 in 4 women and 1 in 6 men in their lifetime

An estimated 1.2m children are trafficked into slavery each year; 80 percent are girls.

40% of Africans over the age of 15, and 50% of women above the age of 25 are illiterate. Woman and far less likely than men in underdeveloped countries to be encouraged into further education.

Today, 783 million people do not have access to clean water and almost 2.5 billion do not have access to adequate sanitation. 6 to 8 million people die annually from the consequences of disasters and water-related diseases.

It is estimated that approximately 450 million people worldwide have a mental health problem, which in many countries can be stigmatized, leaving them prone to facing inequality in the workplace, and not receiving the appropriate treatment and support they require.

Basic infrastructure like roads, information and communication technologies, sanitation, electrical power and water remains scarce in many developing countries

  • About 2.6 billion people in the developing world are facing difficulties in accessing electricity full time.

There were 19.5 million refugees worldwide at the end of 2014 and 51% of refugees were under 18 years old – the highest figure for child refugees in more than a decade.

Currently, there are countless ongoing armed conflicts, especially in Africa and the Midd775x775-global-goals.jpg__775x775_q85_crop_subsampling-2_upscalele East, 5 of which have killed more than 10,000 people (mainly civilians) in the past year.

The wealth of the 1% richest people in the world amounts to $110 trillion—15x more than the wealth held by the bottom 70 percent.

These statistics shockingly are an understatement as to just how much peace and equality has been unsettled in the past decades. Though, it can be argued that it never really was fully there. Global Goals is the latest UN campaign to restore the peaceful world we’ve never seen in our lifetime and for sustainable developments in vital areas such as infrastructure, poverty, equality and education. The Global Goals broadly cover the problems in this world that must be tackled. Supporting the campaign is for once not about being just a feminist or just an activist, or being affiliated with a certain cast or creed. It’s
about being a human. #TheWorldsLargestLesson focuses on promoting and making these goals heard and known in over 100 countries, through lessons and radio. You would be surprised as to how many people don’t know the universally recognised Human Rights Act. These daunting statistics show that it is more important than ever to push for change. This is our world, and we all are citizens of it, regardless of borders. People are not statistics, and those suffering are just as important as those who aren’t.

Share these goals in your language and make peace and prosperity something we can forsee in a lifetime, not just dream. It’s about time the world was what they preach.



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Marriage, supposedly one of the most happiest times of someones life. A breadth of a new chapter. A new beginning. Though, as we sit quite comfortably with masses of opportunity at our feet and education as we will and dictate, there are 15 million child brides yearly. Almost always, they are forced into marriages which not only robs them of their childhood, but deprives them of their human right of consent.

The majority of forced/child marriages are prevalent across Africa and South Asia and often as a result of the gender ForcedMarriageequality gap common in these cultures which means woman can be seen as more of a burden and more open to sexual harassment for example, and therefore married off early and against her will to prevent anything which can bring ‘shame’ or ruin the ‘honour’ of the family. This deprives them of their chance of education and basically puts them in a dangerous cycle whereby their children (often had early, despite their bodies not being sexually mature) can be put in the same situation – socially unstable, as well as deprived of an education which can put them into poverty. This cycle of being married off young means woman cannot complete or even have an education at all, and therefore fail to find a job which allows them to be economically stable. Far too often, the situation is that due to the marriage being unwanted in most cases, it can end in a few years following issues such as domestic violence, and general differences which makes the marriage incompatible in the first place, and in cases where they are married off to cousins/someone abroad, after gaining citizenship there is an immediate divorce, and the woman usually has to take the blame for it – is there any more of an evil way to dehumanize her and who she is?

I recently watched a documentary regarding British children born to immigrant parents and there have been hundreds and hundreds of girls in the past years who will be tricked and taken abroad to be forced to marry a man of their choice – often to a much older person or a cousin – despite only just hitting the legal age of marriage for the UK. This is typically done for the same reasons as child/teenage marriage, though often these British born woman (or woman of any nationality) are seen as commodities in that moment, and stripped of their right to say no and often threatened and bullied psychologically into accepting. Their passports here are all that is valued usually and again, the marriages typically don’t last often and are more like a easy pathway for the man to become a citizen of the country the girl is resident to. This makes me sick, as it completely devalues the girl as a individual whose citizenship is merely valued – not her. Marriages like this may be to benefit the family economically and socially, again devaluing her and silencing who she wishes to become. This is not to be confused with arranged marriages – still very common, however it gives both parties the right to refuse or accept, and are welcomed by some brides/grooms to be. The point is however, neither party should NEVER feel pressured or forced to accept a marriage that they do not want.

There are laws and minimum ages set in many of the countries that have high rates of child/forced marriage though law enforcement is hard to maintain and therefore thousands of them go ahead with no regards for the law. This is essentially re-enforcing gender equality in the sense that woman are culturally seen as to be kept ‘weakened’, with disregard for their education or future plans and so marriage is seen as the only option to preserve honour and prevent immorality which is deeply exaggerated. This is sparking more in poverty, where families are finding it hard to provide for her. However, no matter how we put it, it demeans them of their right of choice and right to decide their future and must be abandoned. Forced marriages are NEVER ok.

Perhaps with more opportunities for education for woman and increased emphasis on the benefits of extending the age in which they get married, such as better stability for their future children and themselves economically, socially and even culturally if attitudes can change. Because with education, can we not only benefit ourselves, but change and mould the opinions of the future towards this practice, and much, much more….. we can change the world….

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Courageous (2011) | MOVIE REVIEW!

I haven’t watched movies in the comfort of my own bed for a while now, and stumbled across this American Drama/tragedy, which usually isn’t my sort of movie, but it’s amazing! header

The main reason which I think made me want to watch it is it’s association with police and law enforcement. (I love them!) The movie follows the lives of four policemen and their families. There are moments where I laughed, but it follows a plot leading to tragedy and conveys a message like no other: the importance of fatherhood! It might sound like a crazy film to watch, and to be honest it isn’t exactly a full on action packed drama like others, but for some reason I found it incredible.

One day, one of the policemen’s daughter, who he loves dearly, is involved in a car accident. He has no stable relationship with his son, but that incident makes him realise the importance of family and caring for your children while you can, as he cries thinking about all the things he could’ve done. The fact that he had no connection with his son could potentially lead to gang related crime, as there was a strong connection between gunmen and gang members and the lack of a father figure. Throughout the movie, that is exactly what all four policemen share – they either do not spend enough time with their family because of commitments to work, or have not had a father figure themselves. The relation with gang crime is seen when one of the policemen is caught dealing drugs, yet the other policemen make the tough decision to report him, putting him behind bars. This happens after they feel as if they must commit to what it takes to become a man – morals and integrity, and most importantly, applying this to their family relationships. They all officially declare and sign to that commitment of becoming a better person, to themselves, to others and to their families.

The name of the movie ‘Courageous’ follows that courage as a man to raise their children in a faith focused way, after losing all hope, faith and battling their emotions in the most worst circumstances.

The plot was clever and gripping, and genuinely outlined such a positive, heart warming message. The movie was surrounded by the belief in Christianity and God, and that belief, portrayed in this message, bought hope and prosperity in the worst of times. I felt that this constant grip with religion was refreshing, and symbolised faith, but at times, did take away from the message as a whole, especially with the long sermons, as I felt the morals and ethics could be applied to anyone, not just someone of faith. Nevertheless, the message was one to be universally accepted and one that didn’t require religion to connect with. The whole idea of faith, belief, and hope was enough to touch your heart.

The movie soundtrack, with the same name as the title of the movie is such a warm and beautiful soundtrack, and provides a follow up of the meaning – to continue with the struggle, and a follow up of the struggle the men face with fatherhood, after missing out on so much.

OUT OF 5? 4

LENGTH: 130 minutes

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Money Dominates the World…

Money. It makes the world go mad. It dominates society. studyshowsmo

Did you know that 1% of the world owns about 50% of the total global wealth? Yet the bottom 50% own 1% of the world’s total global assets?

Total global wealth has more than doubled since the year 2000, to $263 trillion dollars, yet at the same time wealth inequality has risen in 23 countries…

These crazy statistics prove the Marxist theory that the poor are only getting poorer and the rich are only getting richer.

In a world dominated by capitalism, it isn’t a surprise that in order to expand business and trade, that countries resort to the poorest countries of them all to provide cheap labor as desperate third world countries hand over. But when you buy clothes or merchandise made from poor countries, do you realise that the conditions these workers work in is horrific? But they are left with no choice. It’s either that or nothing. I would much rather pay more knowing that the workers who work intense hours are being paid fairly and are working in safe, healthy and hygienic conditions. Several years ago a Primark factory in Bangladesh, with extremely harsh conditions and beatings from the manager, collapsed, killing hundreds of people. Ever wondered why clothing from Primark is so cheap? It’s almost a trap. People in developing countries are even trapped. As the working class receive unequal treatment in a capitalistic society, cheaper goods may be the only way to get about, slapping the worker’s right in the face, whilst companies gain their profit. You may think that profit made is profit earned, but in a world where opportunity can be granted from birth, is that really the case?

Poverty seems to be never ending, even with the world getting wealthier. The idea that there is not enough money in the world is simply not the case. If all the money were to be distributed to the 7 billion people of the Earth, we’d all have about 38K, There’s enough money, it’s just not distributed fairly to the people who deserve it most.

The truth is you can’t go anywhere without MONEY. You can’t eat anything without MONEY. You can’t live anywhere without MONEY. A stack of paper is so vital to this world. The answer to everything is always MONEY.

It’s hard to put forward the best solutions to inequality in wealth, when you are never given the opportunity to even have that voice…

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EBOLA! | What is the truth?

Ebola. It’s spreading across West Africa rapidly. According to the global statistics, about 6400 deaths have occurred since widespread transmission and even that’s a an underestimation, with the deaths multiplying fast. But the reality is that the amount of deaths in the past have been thousands more. But the proposal of it maybe entering the Western world, as there’s already been a US death from it means the media is going to make news fromarticle-2710285-20204A2800000578-305_634x381 it. And that’s why it’s only now been a more open issue. Some have gone to even call it a business, similar to poverty theories. So much money and time is invested, but it continues. Currently there’s no cure, though some claim we are being hidden from the very cure itself.

Some even think it’s a form of population control. The fact that it has so much interest over other issues is scary. One African man claimed that Ebola is a hoax, and seems to be contracted by those who supposedly receive medical treatment from Red Cross. Whether it’s true or not, the very suggestion of it being man made is haunting, and the very people who are sent to ease the disease could be worsening it. Let’s not forget that the media can only reveal so much. Media is practically what ‘sells’ and not necessarily the whole truth.

Whatever the truth is, Ebola has been destroying lives for years and years, since it was discovered in 1976, though has only been highlighted in the media recently because of the severe outbreak. People can’t even kiss their loved ones on fear of dying.

And aside all the jokes people seem to find okay, it’s supposedly the most anti-human disease since AIDS. When you live in a country that’s fully developed, you forget that people are dying. Everywhere.

There are NHS staff voluntarily joining the battle against it. Though it’s devastating watching the daunting clips as they remove deceased bodies from the premises. Curing them is difficult when there is no definite cure.

But let’s face it. Most of us have probably never visited Africa, so can only get our sources from media coverage, which is not always representative, and can make matters seem worse, or even underrated. But it doesn’t take much logic to realise that Ebola is part of the long list of issues in Africa. Let’s not forget the extreme poverty, alongside medical and water deprivation, which seems to forever dwell upon these innocent lives. Developed countries have the advantage of not being a breeding ground for major diseases like Ebola to strike. But it’s not the case for third world countries and never was, which is upsetting. It can sometimes leave you wondering where the millions charities fundraise with the public donating gets to? I’m pretty sure most charities have the best of intentions, but not always. When you hand money over, you can’t guarantee that your intentions will match the donator who will make use of it on your behalf. This is where non profit charities excell.

Is the cure for the whole world to see the truth and reality of the effects of the mass corruption across the world?

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